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ABEMA is coming to Nintendo Switch! Watch all the original shows, anime and dramas!

Nintendo Switchに「ABEMA」が登場!オリジナル番組やアニメやドラマを見まくろう!

A long time ago, game consoles were only for playing games, but with the advancement of technology, they can now listen to CDs, watch DVDs and Blu-rays in addition to playing games, and since they can be connected to the Internet, they are being used not only for browsing but also as a kind of media terminal.
It is especially compatible with the recent video streaming services, and with the release of applications for each game console, there are many people who use the video streaming services mainly for their game consoles.

The Nintendo Switch also offers apps for video streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch, which many people are using at this very moment, but now there's a new addition to the list!
ABEMA, a new future TV that lets you enjoy the hottest videos whenever and wherever you want, is coming to Nintendo Switch!

「Twitch」がNintendo Switchで配信スタート!ライブ配信を大画面で視聴可能!

Watch original and popular programs anytime, anywhere!


ABEMA is a live streaming Internet TV service.
There are already applications available for smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, Internet-connected devices, etc., so I'm sure many people are using them.
It's a god service that offers many programs such as popular anime, popular dramas, variety shows, music programs, news, mahjong, martial arts, documentaries, etc., and you can watch them all for free.
Of course, you can watch popular programs, but original programs that go to the edge of what is possible on TV can only be seen on AMEMA, making it a must-see.
There are also exclusive streaming of live performances by popular artists, so I'm sure there will be a lot to look forward to, especially during the upcoming year-end and New Year holidays.
On the 31st, the "5th Momoiro Uta Gassen" will also be streamed!

To use the app, download the ABEMA app for free from the My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch, launch it, and answer your age, gender, and favorite genre to start using it right away.
Your favorite genre will affect the selection of recommended programs that will be displayed, so answer honestly!
Now all you have to do is find the programs you like and watch them whenever you want! ABEMA also has a list of programs that are currently airing or will be airing, so it's easy to find what you want to watch.
*Internet connection is required to use the service, and the user is responsible for the communication volume.

ABEMA also has a paid plan called "ABEMA Premium" which costs 960 JPY/month.
You will be able to enjoy ABEMA to the fullest by being able to watch limited pay-per-view titles, download programs you want to watch in advance, and enjoy programs from the beginning even during broadcasts.
ABEMA Premium is available on Nintendo Switch, but you need to subscribe to ABEMA Premium via smartphone or PC instead of Nintendo Switch.
If you are considering joining, please check the ABEMA Premium page on the official ABEMA website.

The service is free for basic use, so please download it and experience its convenience first hand!
For more information about ABEMA, please visit the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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