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A3 Co., Ltd. announces "Otaku Culture Studio", a project to enliven Japan anime with NFT! As the first step, Studio Colorido's latest work "Drifting Complex Heralding the Rain" is released!

株式会社A3がNFTで日本アニメを盛り上げるプロジェクト「Otaku Culture Studio」を発表!第1弾としてスタジオコロリド最新作「雨を告げる漂流団地」のNFTを発売!

A3 Corporation, a company that sells anime and character goods and plans events, announces the NFT project "Otaku Culture Studio " (hereafter OCS) as a development of its Web3 business!
As the first OCS project, Otaku Culture Studio will be selling NFTs of the latest film, "The Bleak House that Tells of Rain," scheduled to be released on Friday, September 16, 2022, from Studio Colorido, a well-known studio for "Penguin Highway" and "I Want to Cry, but I Wanna Cuddle a Cat.

What is Otaku Culture Studio?

Otaku Culture StudioロゴPR TIMES

The NFT project "Otaku Culture Studio" announced by A3 Co., Ltd. is a web 3.0 project for Japanese anime, manga, and game content that supports talented creators through OCS and creates opportunities for fans to get involved in the production process. The goal is to create a world in which fans and creators can work together to make works of art more exciting.
NFT has already collaborated with a variety of Japanese content, such as "Drifting Danchi that Tells of Rain," produced by Studio Colorido, and there are high expectations for the global distribution of the appeal of Japanese content.
A roadmap for the future is available on the official OCS website.

Privileges for OCS NFT holders!

There are some great perks for OCS NFT holders!

  • AR Figure: Every NFT sold at OCS comes with an original AR figure that can be displayed on the AR app.
  • Participation in the fan community: Invitations to the community for OCS NFT holders only. Fans who like the same works can interact with other fans and think together about the future development of OCS.
  • Participation in the creation of goods: OCS NFT holders will have the opportunity to create their own goods. We will create them through discussions within the community.
  • Selling goods only for NFT holders: Once the limited-edition goods are completed, they will be sold on the EC site for OCS NFT holders only.
  • Priority purchase rights for the next OCS collaboration NFT: OCS NFT Collectin holders will have priority purchase rights for the OCS NFT Collectin to be sold in the future.
  • Collaboration with ANITOKYO: A collaboration with ANITOKYO, an NFT project by A3's original IP, is planned.

New IP creation project "ANITOKYO


OCS will not only collaborate but also create original IPs.
In the new IP creation project " ANITOKYO," multiple projects will be simultaneously underway, and NFT holders will be able to participate in any of the projects they are interested in!
In "ANITOKYO," you will be able to express your opinions on production projects, visit production sites, appear in some of the productions, and be included in the end credits.
We look forward to hearing more about how "ANITOKYO" will develop in the future!

The first NFT project, "Drifting Apartment Complex that Tells of Rain," is now on sale!

OCSNFTプロジェクト第1弾雨を告げる漂流団地のNFT販売PR TIMES

As the first NFT project of OCS, we will be selling NFT of the movie " Drifting Apartment Complex that Tells Rain ", which will be released in theaters nationwide on September 16, 2022 (Friday) and distributed worldwide on Netflix!
The NFTs will be available for sale on September 13, 2022 (Tuesday) for the presale, and on September 16, 2022 (Friday) for the full sale.
Pre-registration for the white list (pre-sale list) will also be accepted, so be sure to register!

NFT of "Drifting Apartment Complex that Tells of Rain

We will be creating more NFTs of various anime, including some that everyone knows and loves, in addition to "Bleak House that Tells of Rain."
Be sure to follow the OCS Discord and official Twitter account (@OCS_Project) to keep up with new information!
For more information about NFT Project OCS, please visit the official OCS website.

Win 5,000 yen worth of eeo-points! OCS Project Start Commemorative Campaign!


To celebrate the start of the OCS project, a campaign is underway in which 10 winners will be selected by drawing to win 5,000 yen worth of eeo points!
To participate, follow OCS official Twitter (@OCS_Project) and eeo Store official Twitter (@eeo_store ).
Retweet the tweet to complete your entry!
The contest ends at 23:59 on Tuesday, August 23, 2023, so why don't you enter?
Winners will be notified by DM, so please make sure you can receive the DM.


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