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ZETA DIVISION advances to the best 4 for the first time in Japan at the international tournament "VALORANT" "2022 VALORANT Champions Tour"! Public Viewing Emergency Decision!

「VALORANT」の国際大会「2022 VALORANT Champions Tour」でZETA DIVISIONが日本勢初のベスト4進出!パブリックビューイング緊急開催決定!

Riot Games, Inc. of "League of Legends" fame is developing the tactical FPS " VALORANT ".
VALORANT" is one of the most popular e-sports titles in the world today, combining the tactical FPS genre, which has long been a popular e-sports genre, with character elements with special skills and abilities to add completely new tactics and a spectacular competitive feel to the game.
The international " VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Stage 1 Masters " is being held in Reykjavik, Iceland from April 10 (Sun) to 24 (Sun), 2022 Japan time. ZETA DIVISION, the Japanese representative, became the first Japanese team to make it to the top four!
In response to this great accomplishment, an emergency public viewing event will be held! There is no other way but to ride this big wave!

ZETA DIVISION" has made it to the top 4!


ZETA DIVISION" is playing in Reykjavik, Iceland as a representative of "VALORANT" Japan.
The team lost its first match against "DRX" representing South Korea, but won its next match against "FNATIC" representing England.
The following game against the Brazilian team "Ninjas in Pyjamas" was also a hard-fought victory, and the team advanced to the playoffs.
ZETA DIVISION's momentum continued, and they won the playoff losers' bracket against "Team Liquid" from the Netherlands, followed by a win against "DRX" from Korea.
The team also defeated "DRX" from South Korea to gain revenge for the qualifying round.

The semi-finals will be broadcasted on April 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m. Japan time, with the Southeast Asian representative "Paper Rex" playing at around 5:00 a.m.
Let's all stay up late (or wake up early) and support the "ZETA DIVISION" on Twitch and YouTube!
Don't forget to use the hashtag #ZETAWIN on Twitter!

Public Viewing is urgently needed!


Despite the time difference between Japan and Iceland and the length of the tournament, the number of simultaneous connections in Japan reached a record high of 290,000 people, the largest number ever for RAGE.
In response to this excitement, an emergency public viewing "JAPAN VIEWING PARTY" will be held from April 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2022.
200 people will be selected by lottery each day to attend the event near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.
For details, please check the official Twitter account of VALORANT Champions Tour JAPAN.


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