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"The first whole trial version" of "Thirteen Aircraft Defense Zone" will be delivered today, October 30!


The release of the long-awaited new Atlus x Vanillaware title, "The 13th Air Defense Circle, " is only a month away. Even in the midst of a crowd of major software titles, fans' expectations are rising.
During the recently broadcasted "Super Dimension Mini Special" of "13th Air Defense Circle," the first-arrival bonus of "Super Dimension" such as Vanillaware's original "Princess Crown Reprint" was announced, causing a stir among the fans.
Today, on October 30, the "trial version" that allows you to play the first part of the full version of the much-talked-about "13th Airborne Defense Circle" was released!

Play the whole game for about 3 hours!

The "Early Game Trial Version" is a trial version that allows you to play the first part of the full version of "The 13th Airborne Defense Force" in its entirety for about 3 hours.
You will be able to play both the "Reminiscence" adventure part, which tells the story of the world of "13 Soldiers Defense Circle," and the "Collapse" exhilarating simulation battle in which you control the soldiers.

The first part of "13th Kihei Defense Circle" demo version


And more! If you have already played the paid demo version "13th Air Defense Circle Prologue" released in March this year, you can play the game for about 6 hours!
Six hours is quite a lot, so depending on who you are, the full version of the game may be released at the same time the demo version is finished! Fat!
Of course, you can carry over the save data from the "trial version" to the full version, so you can start playing from the beginning of the game in the full version.
*In order to transfer the saved data, you need to apply the update to the full version of the game and make sure you have the latest version of the game.

One month to go until the release of the game!

"The Thirteen Armies Defense Circle" will be released on November 28, 2019, which is only about a month away!
With the release of Atlus' "Persona 5 The Royal" also on October 31, there are so many titles to play that there is not enough time!
I have already played "13th Airborne Defense Sphere: Prologue," but the world of "13th Airborne Defense Sphere" seems to be much deeper and more complex than you might imagine, so please be sure to play the "trial version" of the entire first part of the game. I hope you will play the "trial version of the first part of the game".
I will play for 6 hours!

For more information on the "Trial Version", please visit the official Atlus website, and for more information on "The 13th Air borne Defense Force", please visit the official website of "The 13th Airborne Defense Force"!


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