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Finally the Chinese version of "Thirteen Aircraft Defense Zone" will be released!


We introduced you to funglr Games in November 2019 when "Thirteen Machine Defense Bloc" was released. At that time, it was only available in Japanese.
Recently, more and more games are being released in Chinese, and "The Thirteen Armies Defense Circle" will finally be released in Chinese on March 19, 2020!


Chinese version to be released on March 19, 2020!




The first-come, first-served bonus for the Chinese version will be the same as the Japanese version.
What are the contents of the bonus?

  • The origin of Vanillaware, "Princess Crown Reprint".
  • Original PS4 theme "13th Airborne Defense Circle" by director Kamiya
  • DIGITAL ART WORKS of "13th Airborne Defense Circle

The DLC voucher for the above benefits will be attached to the box of the product version!
The "Princess Crown Reprint" can be downloaded by downloading "The Thirteen Armies Defense Circle" DIGITAL ART WORKS to your PS4 system.


13th Machine Defense Circle "Limited Edition"


The Chinese-language version of the game will include the same special bonus as the Japanese-language Premium Box.

Even if you didn't get the bonus for the Japanese version, there's still time to get the Chinese version!
What? I can't read Chinese?
Don't worry. The game is in Japanese. There are some kanji characters, so you should be able to understand it.

The "Trial Version" for the whole first part of the game

13th Airborne Defense Circle "Trial Version" (Japanese only)

Of course, the Chinese version of the game also includes a " Trial Version ".
We've already detailed the demo version on funglr Games.


For more information about the Chinese version of "The 13th Airborne Defense Sphere", please visit the official website of "The 13th Airborne Defense Sphere" (in Chinese).
For the Japanese version, please visit the official website of "The 13th Air Defense Force" (Japan).


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

"The first whole trial version" of "Thirteen Aircraft Defense Zone" will be delivered today, October 30!
"The first whole trial version" of "Thirteen Aircraft Defense Zone" wi...

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