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RAGE's first international convention, RAGE ASIA 2020, will be held on August 29 and 30, 2020! What is the future of RAGE told at the joint briefing session of the three companies hosting RAGE?

RAGE初の国際大会「RAGE ASIA 2020」が2020年8月29日、30日に開催!RAGEを主催する3社合同説明会で語られたRAGEの未来とは

RAGE ASIA 2020, sponsored by CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, and TV Asahi, will be held on August 29 (Sat) and 30 (Sun), 2020.
Since the first RAGE tournament was held at the end of 2015, it has been one of the largest prize money offline tournaments in Japan, but in light of the recent Corona disaster, "RAGE ASIA 2020" will be held entirely online.
Prior to the tournament, a joint online information session was held by the three organizers of "RAGE ASIA 2020" on Thursday, August 27, 2020.
In this article, we will introduce the significance of holding RAGE ASIA 2020, RAGE ASIA's unique initiatives, and RAGE's future outlook.

「RAGE ASIA 2020」開催決定!ゲームタイトルはApexと荒野行動!

RAGE's First Global Tournament!

"RAGE ASIA 2020" is RAGE's first global tournament.
Many invited teams from Japan and other Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Korea will participate in the tournament to determine the top of Asia.

As of last year, the three organizers, including our company, had decided to hold an international e-sports tournament (offline) in parallel with the Tokyo Olympics for the 2020 summer RAGE.

Shingo Otomo, director of CyberZ, Inc., the organizer of RAGE, and general producer of RAGE, the e-sports business jurisdiction (hereinafter referred to as "Otomo"), said so.

RAGE ASIA 2020開催の背景を語る大友氏
Mr. Otomo explains the background of RAGE ASIA 2020.
However, due to the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, we decided to hold a summit battle to determine the No. 1 Asian player online at the end of March this year.
The Tokyo Olympics were cancelled, but we felt it would be a waste to cancel RAGE.
So we decided to change the format and hold this tournament as an international match that is possible only in e-sports, with all players and spectators completely online.
We do not want to hold a mere festival as a big event, but rather, because of the current situation in Korona, we want to deliver e-sports tournaments and content that will energize everyone, online and from Japan," Otomo continued.

Mr. Otomo continued.
RAGE ASIA 2020 will feature two titles that are currently attracting a great deal of attention around the world: the mobile title " KNIVES OUT-knives out " and the PC title " Apex Legends ".
Mr. Otomo explains why he chose these two titles.

We have been running RAGE for five years now, and we want to continue to make RAGE and e-sports itself a bigger entertainment event.
To that end, we have a strong desire to have more people watch our tournaments.
In particular, since this is RAGE's first international tournament, we want to make sure that this is not just an e-sports tournament for core fans, but also for e-sports beginners.
We want to bring this tournament to the lightweight audience that knows the game title itself but has never played the game itself, or has never seen an e-sports tournament before.
With this in mind, we chose the global IPs KNIVES OUT-knives out and Apex Legends as the titles for this year's event.

New spectator experience with the launch of V-RAGE

Image of V-RAGE

Nowadays, not only in e-sports but also in many other sports, competitions can be enjoyed both offline and online.
RAGE, which has been held offline, has also been streaming its tournaments through OPENREC.tv and YouTube.
In order to " let more people watch the tournament," RAGE ASIA 2020 will offer a new " V-RAGE " experience through VR, in addition to the existing streaming.
V-RAGE is a " virtual e-sports facility " operated by RAGE that allows users to watch e-sports tournaments and participate in events.

V-RAGE内のRAGE ASIA 2020大会スタジアム
The RAGE ASIA 2020 stadium at V-RAGE

By connecting to V-RAGE during the tournament, visitors will be able to access the tournament stadium in the VR space, which has been designed and staged to match the appearance of RAGE ASIA 2020.

BEAMS tie-up T-shirts can be worn in V-RAGE

This system allows users to wear the BEAMS tie-in T-shirts that were recently featured on funglr Games, and watch the tournament while conversing with friends using the voice chat function.
V-RAGE launched its beta version in March 2020 and held the "RAGE" event in the virtual space.

In March, about 10,000 people came to watch the event, so I think we will be able to get 30,000 to 50,000 viewers for RAGE ASIA 2020.
We have also increased the number of contents and prepared a lot of plans in order to reach that number," said Otomo.

We have also increased the content and planned a lot of events in order to achieve that number," said Otomo.

Mr. Sakamoto of Avex, who has been involved in a number of events to date

Mr. Shigeyoshi Sakamoto, General Manager of the Event Production Group, Live Business Division, Avex Entertainment Inc.

We have been involved in many real events, but even when real events are held, there are two types of fans: those who go and those who don't. We have been involved in many digital events, including V-RAGE.
I believe that the digital and technological strategies, including the V-RAGE event, will really appeal to those who don't go, and I think that the number of people who go to these events will not only double, but increase even more.

Mr. Otomo has the following to say about the future of V-RAGE.

Nowadays, the e-sports scene, not just RAGE, is centered on BtoB monetization.
So I think our mission is to continue to create content that users are satisfied with even if they have to pay for it.
We want to make V-RAGE something that people will want to use even if it becomes a paid content in the future.
That being said, we may also offer V-RAGE as a technology for other e-sports tournaments, not just RAGE.
If V-RAGE can create a new style of online spectating, we believe that V-RAGE can be used to spread a lot of content throughout the world.

Aiming to create e-sports content that can be viewed by 1 million people simultaneously

RAGE ASIA 2020 will be RAGE's first international tournament, but what is RAGE's vision for the future?
Mr. Otomo says, "Japan's e-sports scene is in a state of flux.

I think the Japanese e-sports scene is just now undergoing rapid growth.
However, compared to other countries, I think the scale of the number of viewers is still in its infancy.
We would like to expand the e-sports fan base by repeating initiatives like this one, and we hope that the culture of watching e-sports in Japan will take root through RAGE.
In the future, we would like to create e-sports tournaments and content that can be watched by a million people at the same time.
Also, this is RAGE ASIA, but I would like to hold RAGE WORLD someday.

Mr. Sakamoto expressed his vision from the unique perspective of Avex, which has a base in Asia.

Avex currently has a number of bases in Asia, and we are gradually being approached by e-sports operators in Asian countries.
We are gradually being approached by e-sports operators in Asian countries, asking us to do something together.
This is something that is still rare in Japan, but I think we are starting to see a very positive trend.
Eventually, I think it would be very interesting if a RAGE network were to be established and global tournaments could be held not only in ASIA.
Mr. Ishida of TV Asahi, aiming to expand the fan base from a mass media standpoint

Kaname Ishida, General Manager of the Business Management Department, Business Production Bureau, TV Asahi Corporation, also expressed his desire to boost the e-sports industry from the standpoint of mass media.

We hope to contribute to the promotion of RAGE and e-sports while utilizing the power of terrestrial mass media.
Currently, companies that sponsor RAGE are trying to reach out to the younger generation.
However, I think that Telecosmos can help expand the fan base of RAGE and e-sports, especially in terms of attracting core targets outside the younger generation.
I think this would also broaden the base of sponsors.
To this end, we have a program called ReAL eSports News every Sunday late at night on Teletext.
This one covers eSports related news, including RAGE, every week.
Also, for RAGE ASIA 2020, we recently had a special one-hour late-night program just prior to the event.
The three members (from left to right: Sakamoto, Otomo, and Ishida) have high hopes for RAGE's first international tournament.

Since the end of 2015, RAGE has continued to boost the e-sports market in Japan.
Starting with RAGE ASIA 2020, the e-sports market will continue to expand both domestically and internationally.
Details of RAGE ASIA 2020 can be found on the official website.


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