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You can experience all of lifeguards! Assault coverage of the Lifeguard concept space "Lifeguard Square"!


Since its launch in 1986, Cheerio's " Lifeguard " has been loved for 35 years as a pioneer of energy drinks.

The camouflage-patterned packaging and easy-to-drink slightly carbonated flavor were distinctive features of this drink, and even though I was not fond of carbonated drinks, I remember drinking this " Lifeguard " from my childhood.

Now, the editorial department of funglr Games has visited the brand's new concept space " Lifeguard Square " in Uraharajuku, Tokyo, to find out more!

Here is a report on the site!

I went to Lifeguard Square!

自動販売機funglr Games
Vending Machine

At the entrance is a Cheerio vending machine with the official Lifeguard character " Lifiger-chan," a member of the Usadar tribe!

The lineup includes Godzilla,Lifeguard,Chogepachi, and other Cheerios!

Is it Cheerio's kindness that the vending machine next to it sells not only soda but also tea and natural water from the Suzuka mountain range?

The first thing that caught my attention when I entered the venue was the " TOYOTA GR Yaris," a lifeguard car.

As an official partner of Forum 8 Rally Japan 2022, the Lifeguard Car was also on display at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, and it made an overwhelming impact here at Lifeguard Square!

M&K CUSTOM SIGNS MAKOTO(小林誠氏)監修funglr Games
Supervised by M&K CUSTOM SIGNS MAKOTO (Makoto Kobayashi)

Makoto Kobayashi has been in charge of creating the original artwork for the Lifeguard package since 2009, and has been a major contributor to the "Car as Media" project. M&K CUSTOM SIGNS MAKOTO (Makoto Kobayashi) supervised the painting The car is the original design of the " Lifeguard" beverage, which is a super-living organism!

ライフガードピアノfunglr Games
Lifeguard Piano

A lifeguard piano in full body camouflage that boasts an impact as impressive as the street piano installed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
Of course, anyone can play it with ease.

ライフガード 185mlfunglr Games
Lifeguard 185ml

A quick shot with a special Lifeguard 185ml!
Small volume, easy for even a woman to drink! And since it' s only available by mail order, it's the perfect size to buy a box and have with your breakfast!

CBDXfunglr Games

The much-talked-about CBD-infused drink is also on sale!
You can buy it from vending machines in Lifeguard Square as well as from the official CBDX website.

MonSt collaboration is underway!

コラボパッケージfunglr Games
Collaboration Package

Lifeguard is currently holding a collaboration with " Monster Strike " (MonSt), the smartphone app of XFLAG, the entertainment business brand of Mixi, Inc.
The vending machines inside the plaza are selling a limited number of Lifeguards in limited packages featuring the collaboration illustrations of " Two for all ", " Arsene ", and " Pandora "!

コラボアクリルスタンドfunglr Games
Collaboration acrylic stand

All 6 types of collaboration acrylic stands come in originally designed cans.
You will be able to choose which one is your favorite, and if the winning card is one of the more than 4,000 characters in the MonSt! You can make your own original goods with your favorite characters! !

コンプリートセットfunglr Games
Complete Set

Complete sets sold exclusively at Lifeguard Square are also available!
You can get all 3 types of collaboration package lifeguards,all 6 types of acrylic stands, and3 types of original stickers all at once, so MonSt fans who want to complete their merchandise collection must get them!

Experience all that Lifeguard has to offer!

ライフガードスクエア入口funglr Games
Lifeguard Square

That's all from the editorial department of funglr Games, giving you an inside look at the " Lifeguard Square"!
If you love lifeguards or are a regular customer of lifeguards, you'll love what you find here!
The " Lifeguard Square" introduced today is still open in Uraharajuku, Tokyo, so if this article has piqued your interest, be sure to visit!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.