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The background of the collaboration with REDEE × Autobacs! ? Assault interview with redee "Fuminori Sato" director!

REDEE×オートバックスとのコラボの背景は!?REDEE「佐藤文紀」館長 に突撃インタビュー!

We recently reported on the " AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium " and the " REDEE Cafe," but you may also be wondering how the collaboration between REDEE and Autobacs came about. We are sure that everyone is curious about the background of the REDEE x Autobacs collaboration.
We had an interview with Mr. Fuminori Sato, the director of REDEE, to find out more about the background of the collaboration.

An interview with Mr. Fuminori Sato, the director of REDEE, and his thoughts on e-motorsports!

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadiumfunglr Games
What is the background behind the collaboration with Autobacs to open the e-motorsports facility?

Originally, REDEE itself operates an e-motorsports facility with the hope of teaching children about the genre of e-sports and the various digital technologies that are available.

e-sports and e-motorsports are two different genres in the world, with e-sports starting from "games" and e-motorsports starting from "real motorsports. The starting point is a bit different.

Therefore, since Red Horse is operating this facility (REDEE), we would like to have fans of both types of sports interact with each other.

And the other thing is, "Let's do a neat e-motorsports facility! " and we wanted to do that.

Of course, Red Horse could have done this on its own, but when we approached Autobacs, a company that focuses on e-motorsports in the automotive industry, they were very supportive and asked if we would like to build an e-motorsports facility together. The opening of the new facility was made possible by the participation of Autobacs as the title sponsor.

There are many game titles in e-motorsports, and one of the most familiar is SIE's Gran Turismo.

We thought that the value of the facility would change depending on whether or not we could get permission for this as well, so we consulted hard with SIE, and although it would normally be quite difficult to get permission for a permanent facility, SIE said, "Let's spread the word! I consulted hard with SEA, and they agreed to give us permission to use the facility permanently, which was originally quite difficult.

Red Horse, REDEE, Autobacs, and SIE are all working together to "make e-motorsports more familiar to the public! That's why we opened the "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium".

Please tell us about the most difficult and memorable story about the opening of this facility!

Well, the most difficult thing was to get the so-called " permission " from SEE and Polyphony.
We had to get permission from SEA and Polyphony to use Gran Turismo for the "e-motorsports facility", and the "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" was free of charge. We did not receive any money for the "Autobacs Redee Emotorsports Stadium", and we can use it for free (*1), but the biggest and most memorable story is that we received the permission (laughs).

(*1) It is difficult to obtain permission to use a game title when there is an admission fee or participation fee.
In many cases, it takes a lot of man-hours to obtain a license from an IP holder for a general company that is a for-profit organization, including various procedures and adjustments, even if the IP holder is willing to grant a license.

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadiumfunglr Games
What are your expectations for the future of e-motorsports?

The e-motorsports using car driving simulators is still only played by a small number of users and fans.
Lalaport EXPOCITY (where REDEE is located) is visited not by core fans, but by families, small children, and other people who don't have much contact with racing. I would be very happy if people can participate in the event and eventually become familiar with the real "SUPER GT".

On the day of the event, participation by parents and children was remarkable.
funglr Games

I hope that e-motorsports, which until now has been limited to the core audience, will be able to repeat the touch-and-try process from LaPorte EXPOCITY.

Not only in real life, but also online

Will you be holding more events like the one connecting A PIT (Tokyo) and REDEE (Osaka) online?

Yes, Autobacs has many franchisees across the country, so we are talking with Autobacs about holding more and more events that connect the "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium" with other parts of the country. I am talking with Autobacs about this.
After Corona settles down, we would like to hold events every week, connecting REDEE with an Autobacs store somewhere in Japan, so that both parties can participate in the event.

The opening event was held online connecting Tokyo and Osaka.
funglr Games

Also, with REDEE, it is not just about connecting online and racing, but also about coloring cars using the reverie function (*2), etc., so it is possible for children to try coloring cars or learning programming to make a racing game in a one-day camp-like setting. We would like to use the stadium to hold more and more events where children can not only play but also learn.

*2) A function that allows you to edit the body coloring, sticker placement, and design.

Lastly, do you have a message for the readers of this article?

Even if you are a complete beginner, REDEE staff will have fun teaching you, and if you can play e-motorsports, you can already play as much as you want, so I hope you will come to REDEE and have fun.

We hope that everyone will have fun in real life and at the online events held at REDEE, and that everyone will get excited about both!

Stay tuned for more REDEE & Autobacs!

AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadiumfunglr Games

Thank you very much!
The "AUTOBACS REDEE Emotorsports Stadium," one of the largest e-motorsports facilities in Japan, is not just a place for racers and car enthusiasts to gather, but I was able to learn about the various thoughts and feelings on the part of REDEE.
Personally, I am very excited to see the weekly connection between Autobacs and REDEE nationwide.

Although the REDEE is temporarily closed due to the state of emergency declared by the government in the wake of the new coronavirus infection, as mentioned in the interview, the good thing about "e" is that it is possible to hold events online.
Let's keep the e-motorsports scene alive at home and online, and come to REDEE after the state of emergency is lifted!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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