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Yogibo and Samspi! "Yogibo× SAMURAI SPIRITS" participant exchange event at the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP!

ヨギボーとサムスピが!第2回YUBIWAZA CUPで「Yogibo×SAMURAI SPIRITS」参加者交流イベント!

Yogibo, the title sponsor of the "2nd YUBIWAZA CUP" e-sports tournament held in Osaka, hosted a special event in which professional gamers and audience members battled it out.

ゲーマー必見!「第2回YUBIWAZA CUP」のメインスポンサー「Yogibo(ヨギボー)」でYogiboを体験&レポート!

KOG Koji made an appearance!

KOG Koji
funglr Games

When pro-gamer Koji KOG (@kkkog ) appeared at the event, the audience cheered and applauded.

KOG Shoji is a professional gamer affiliated with Susanoo Corporation, and he was the winner of the "SAMURAI SPIRITS (SAMURAI SHODOWN)" at EVO 2019, a world-class gaming tournament held at Las M. Bisons. He was the 17th place winner out of 1,000 players.

He is also the world number one ranked player in the BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE (a.k.a. BBTAG) world tournament "ARCREVO World Tour".

Since there was no way to win against such a professional gamer, a special handicap was set up for this event.

  • Koji KOG plays on Yogibo
  • He also played blindfolded.

The audience was even more excited when they were told that they would receive a "Yogibo Pot" if they beat Koji KOG!

The exchange event started!

funglr Games

The facilitator selected fighters from the audience and randomly selected 10 male and 10 female fighters. For some reason, Yogibo's director also joined the event as a participant!

The first opponent was Oep (@oep2002), who had just participated in the SAMURAI SHODOWN tournament.
"I joined because I really wanted Yogibo! ", the audience laughed.

Koji KOG, coupled with his blindfold, had a feeling that his first match would be a tough one, as his opponent was an experienced player...

The match began with a single round, with Koji Kog's opponent being "Genshiro Gashin" and his opponent being "Keitora Tokugawa".
The two fighters fought almost evenly, with both maintaining a good distance from each other, and while both triggered their anger explosions, Tokugawa's attack from the breakdown took the fight to the other side, and as a result of a succession of attacks, the audience won.

As expected, Koji Kog could not compete against Oepu, a well-known player in the game world and a participant in the tournament, with his handicap. The commentator said, "That's right!

However, the audience was also excited to see the amazing Koji KOG, who even blindfolded his opponent and managed to shave off half of his opponent's gauge.

The next match was...!

funglr Games

Next up was a match against a cute girl of elementary school age.
Koji KOG showed his service spirit by using the character of his opponent's choice.

As a result, Koji KOG took the final blow and won the game....
The girl seemed a little sad, but gave a simple comment at the end of the game. In recognition of the girl who showed such maturity and did her best, President Yogibo presented her with a Yogibo pot.

Enter Yogibo Director Kishimura!

After that, matches were held one after another, until finally (?) The battle was with Yogibo Kishimura, director of the board.

Yogibo Kishimura changed the way he sat and showed how he uses the Yogibo & his sales style in his performance.
KOG Koji followed suit and showed the same style.

Director Kishimura said that he had been out of the game for more than ten years, but he won with more than half of his strength gauge remaining, and he also showed his manliness by handing over his yogibo to the girl from earlier in the match.

The game continued on, and Koji KOG finished his fight with all the players. I hope to participate again in the future! He seemed to enjoy the event with the attitude that he would like to participate in the future.

This time, we were able to feel the pro's greatness up close, and the audience shook hands and cheered, and overall the event was full of fun.

Written by Hiroaki Murata
URL: https://www.pakutaso.com/web_murata.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cordetripleface/
Instagram: h ttps://www.instagram.com/tripleface/


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