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Interview With Cisco Systems! Experience and interview the next-generation high-speed wireless "Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE802.11ax)" at Cisco's booth at the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP!

シスコシステムズにインタビュー!第2回YUBIWAZA CUPにブース出展してたCiscoのブースで次世代高速無線「Wi-Fi 6(IEEE802.11ax)」体験&取材!

We interviewed Cisco Systems, LLC (Cisco), the Japanese subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Inc. that had a booth at the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP sponsor booth.

Cisco's booth where visitors can experience the next generation of high-speed "Wi-Fi 6

Cisco Booth
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This booth was where you could play PUBG and experience its speed.

PUBG is a first-person shooter (FPS), which is played from the perspective of the main character, the first person, and requires the player to find the opponent quickly and shoot the gun.

Many players are concerned about the speed of their network connection, as it is the speed of the network connection that determines the advantage of an FPS.

Cisco's "Wi-Fi 6" is a next-generation high-speed connection, and many people gathered at the booth to experience its speed.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

What is Wi-Fi 6? I asked LAN Cableman, the network engineer in charge of the Fangler Group's infrastructure.

Wi-Fi 6 " is an abbreviation of "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers," a standard defined by the IEEE (IEEE) as " IEEE802.11ax," and " Wi-Fi6 " is an abbreviation of " Wi-Fi6 " as defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Alliance has adopted the term "Wi-Fi 6.

The current mainstream is "Wi-Fi 5," the "IEEE802.11ac" standard established in 2014, but "Wi-Fi 6" is the very next-generation wireless LAN standard just established in 2019.

Wi-Fi 5 was only available in the 5 GHz frequency band, while Wi-Fi 6 can use both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, and has a maximum transmission speed of 9.6 Gbps, so the specs alone are pretty impressive.

Wi-Fi 6 is the next-generation wireless LAN standard, which will be developed in 2019. It is also less congested and consumes less battery power.

These latest technologies are sure to be revolutionary not only in our daily lives, but also in the gaming industry.

Cisco Network Experience Vehicle

This is the Cisco Network Experience Vehicle parked in the booth next to the Cisco Network Experience Vehicle. This is the vehicle that provides the high-speed line, and we interviewed the driver.

Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
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The name of the vehicle is " Cisco Network Experience Vehicle," or CNEV (also known as "Nev-chan"), and both sides of the vehicle were streaming live feeds from the venue.

What kind of structure is inside the vehicle, including the provision of high-speed lines and live broadcasts?

Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
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This is what it looks like when you go inside, and it's hard to believe that it's inside a car.

There is a laptop computer on the right and a control panel on the left, but there is something that interests me on the far right...

Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
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This is the server that controls the screen output to the monitors on both sides of the vehicle and the exchange of data.

The CNEV is equipped with two private power generators, a system that can be used for infrastructure support in disaster areas.

In order to load and run these vehicles, a larger camper is ideal, and the vehicle has been purchased and modified.

This is a great device that can handle on-demand functions such as live broadcasts of signage, output of content to monitors, and overlay functions for content, and such technology was used in this delivery.

In addition, there is a digital whiteboard in the back of the CNEV vehicle, which can be used for drawing pictures or for online meetings using the whiteboard and camera.

Cisco Webex Board
Cisco Webex Board
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This digital whiteboard has a touch screen, which makes it a very popular content for children.

Interview about the background of CNEV

Cisco has a long history of manufacturing and selling PC peripherals and networking equipment, and with the recent shift to cloud computing, the idea of doing something like this came from the employees.

The company's corporate culture is said to be one in which employees come up with a variety of ideas, and it is quite common for ideas like the CNEV to take shape.

In addition to being used for e-sports events such as this one, they will also play a major role in disaster relief and places where there is no infrastructure, such as places where ice floes can be seen.

It is also equipped with security cameras for safety and peace of mind.

CNEV is like a "Cisco on the road" and is often used as a PR machine for Cisco's technology.

It is infrastructure that supports both games and video distribution, so it was very interesting to see the current technology in such a place.

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I saw a YUBIWAZA hat in the booth and snapped a picture. In the back, there was a booth to play PUBG.

PUBG MOBILE is played not only on PCs but also on smartphones, and it is not unusual for e-sports tournaments using smartphones to be held wirelessly.

The problems of latency and congestion in a wireless environment can be solved with "Wi-Fi 6", so I really hope that this technology will spread quickly!

Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
Cisco Network Experience Vehicle
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CNEV is cool at night!

Thank you Cisco for your cooperation in this interview!

Photo & Written by YAT
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