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League of Legends World Championship 2021 World Championship ends! Who won this year's world champion?

「League of Legends」世界大会「2021 World Championship」終了!今年の世界王者に輝いたのは?

The "2021 World Championship" (Worlds2021), the world's most popular e-sports title " League of Legends" (LoL), has been held since early October. The opening ceremony at the finals is held every year.

Every year, the opening ceremony of the finals is very spectacular, utilizing various artists and performances, but this year, perhaps due to Corona's measures, the opening movie was shown instead of the opening ceremony. A teaser movie was also shown in advance, which greatly heightened the anticipation for the finals!

This year's final was played between two teams: DWG KIA ( hereinafter referred to as "DK"), the team that won the championship last year and is expected to win the championship for the second year in a row, and EDward Gaming ( EDG), a strong team from the Chinese league, LPL. The two teams were the strongest in the world, with the LPL team winning the championship the year before last, and the LCK team winning the championship last year. The year before last, the LPL team won, and last year, the LCK team won.

After a month long competition, which team was crowned World Champion?

This year's World Champion is EDward Gaming!

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The winner of this year's Worlds2021 and reigning World Champion was EDward Gaming, a strong team from the Chinese league LPL!

Although EDG was a strong team, they finished 2nd in the group stage before the final tournament, and since DK beat T1 in the semi-finals, who had finished 1st in the same group as EDG, many of the underdogs were of the opinion that DK would win straight up. However, DK overturned many of these predictions and put on a top-notch performance in the finals to be crowned this year's World Champion!

It was a great final that summed up the fun of esports, with the different characters used in each match, the strengths and weaknesses of the players, and the diversity of tactics used by the teams, creating unpredictable matches!

Keep an eye out for more action from LCK and LPL, the two teams that played great games this time, as well as from LJL, the Japanese league that had a great showing in this tournament!


Expect more on the winning skins! What kind of champion will be chosen?


As is customary every year, a skin will be created based on the Worlds winning team.
The champion chosen for the skin can be chosen by the players, and in most cases it will be their best champion or a champion who played well in the finals. Last year, DWG created a very cool skin based on the team color, light blue!

Since EDG's colors are based on black and red, will a cool black-based skin be created? We are very excited to see what champions will be chosen!

The skins will be created and released next year, so stay tuned for more information!

For detailed results of this year's tournament, please visit LoL Esports, and if you missed the finals, please check out the official RiotJP Twitch for the archives!

「League of Legends」世界大会「2021 World Championship」開幕!日本代表チームの躍進!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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