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"Well Plaid Festival Osaka edition" will be held as a "REDEE" opening commemorative event

「ウェルプレイドフェスティバル Osaka edition」が「REDEE」オープン記念イベントとして開催決定

Well Plaid Corporation announced the holding of the " Well Plaid Festival Osaka edition " to celebrate the opening of "REDEE," Japan's largest dedicated gaming/e-sports facility, which will open in Osaka in March 2020. What is Wellplayed Festival?


What is Wellplayed Festival?

Wellplayed Festival" is an offline event held by Wellplayed, Japan's first company specializing in e-sports, for e-sports fans.
The first event was held in Shinjuku in August 2019 and was a great success with approximately 2,000 visitors.

This time, the second event will be held on March 1, 2020, the first day of the "REDEE" opening.

Many contents for everyone to enjoy

Hiring Title.
"ウェルプレイドフェスティバル Osaka edition"ティザーサイト

The "Wellplayed Festival Osaka edition" will feature many game titles.
The current list includes a wide variety of titles, and additional titles will be announced in the future.
By using a large number of game titles, the event will be open to a wider range of participants.
The titles currently confirmed and a brief description of each title are as follows

Auto Chess:Origin.

Auto Chess:Origin
Auto Chess:Origin
Auto Chess:Origin

The ultra difficult Chiki Chiki Auto Chess quiz, a regular feature of the Mobile Party Offline Meeting, has been powered up. Tournaments will be held at the same time!

Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale
Clash of Clans: Eight Clans Enter, One Clan Leaves

The "Land King" of the East and the "Lange" of the West clash in Osaka! There is a battle here that you can never lose! The only 50-player battle that you can only experience in Krakura will be held in Osaka! Let's Clash!

Clash Royale

Clash of Clans

KURAROY is holding an offline tournament open to everyone! Who will win the right to stand on the main stage after winning the qualifying round on the day of the event? Angel of Darkness "HANExHANE", who had a great time at the 8000 Strongest Battle, will also come to the event!

#Compass ~Combat Providence Analysis System

#Compass - Combat Providence Analysis System
#コンパス ティザームービー【NHN PlayArt x niconico】

Compass, the only one to exceed 3,000 RTs in the spontaneous 1,000 RT project, also participated in the event! Mr. Taro Cotton, who declared that he would cosplay as Tadatomi Sakurahana in a loincloth, will be a member of the organizing committee and will be hosting a visitor-participation type project! EasyPop will also participate in the festival in an emergency! Let's jack up the main arena and create a frenzy!

Animal Tower Battle

Animal Tower Battle
App Store

Experience e-sports in 30 minutes! We offer "Animal Tower Battle eSports Beginner Set (tentative). "I'm interested in e-sports, but I don't know what it is... "Here's good news for those who are interested in e-sports but don't know what it is! First, we will teach you the basics of the game and strategy using Animal Tower Battle as the subject! Then, let's compete in a tournament together!

Dragon Quest Rivals

Dragon Quest Rivals

Following the first "Well Played Festival", a 3-on-3 tournament between guilds will be held again this year.
The original rule that was popular last time, "All members play at the same time, and consultation within the team is allowed," will be retained, and that team competition will be held again! Let's enjoy DQ Rivals while interacting not only with members of the same guild, but also with players from other guilds!

Puyopuyo eSports

Puyopuyo eSports

One chance for everyone! Mini-tournament will be held. Plus, pros will be competing! A chance to get coaching! We are waiting for you with a lot of contents including the well-known Puyopuyo watching lecture at the Well Played League!



The founder of the 1,000 RT project and the top streamer in the blogsta world, Jurimatsu, will be participating in this event again! YAPIMARU and Momoyo also joined the event! This is a participatory event where everyone can enjoy the fun of "Blogsta" together! You will definitely leave the event with a greater love of "Brosta" than when you arrived!

Main Stage Contents

A main stage with a giant screen will be set up at the event site "REDEE.
The main stage will be the stage for the "Clash Royale" finals. Also, DJ Live of "#Compass ~Combat Regulation Analysis System~" and other e-sports contents are scheduled to be held.

Many Special Events

collaborative project
"ウェルプレイドフェスティバル Osaka edition"ティザーサイト

In addition to the aforementioned gaming events, there will also be a number of guest and collaborative events.
The first Smash Bros. coach in Japan, "Kite" will teach a Smash Bros. school, and the e-sports team AVALON will hold a special event.
The "Yuru-Furu eSports Roundtable" by Yuya Yada, CEO of Wellplayed Co.

Kite Special School x Shogun Battle Session

Get instruction from Japan's first Smash Bros. Coach "Kite"! This is a special school just for this day!
Make a difference in your family, school, hometown, and gaming friends! In addition, popular streamer and player "Shogun" will join the event! Everyone is welcome to jump in and join in! Connect with your fellow Smash Bros. players on site!

AVALON Collaboration Project

AVALON, an e-sports team led by popular KNIVES OUT streamer Konka, will be participating in the event! We are working hard on the details of the project! Please look forward to it!

Loose e-sports Roundtable: Well Played Festival Osaka eidition

The popular "YuruFuru eSports Roundtable" event, which always sells out immediately, will be held at the Wellplayed Festival! Hosted by Wellplayed's representative, Mr. Tanida (nickname: Akahoshi, an e-sports guy who loves "Street Fighter V"), we will have a variety of guests from professional gamers and team owners to manufacturers, sponsors, YouTubers, and influencers. We will have casual discussions on a wide range of topics, from serious topics to topics that cannot be discussed officially. Even if you are not familiar with e-sports, you may be able to learn more about it just by listening to what they have to say.

前回開催された"ゆるふわeスポーツ座談会 ウェルプレイドフェスティバル編"の様子
The previous "Loose eSports Roundtable: Well Played Festival Edition

Yuya Tanida, President of Wellplayed Corporation comments

We will finally hold the "Yuru-Furuwa eSports Roundtable" in Osaka. Thank you very much! The theme of this year's round-table discussion is "Connecting 'Suki' with 'Suki' to create more 'Suki'"! Taking full advantage of the fact that the Wellplayed Festival is the largest event in terms of the number of game titles handled at a single event, we will hold the "Teach Me eSports Teacher - Practical Edition" where everyone can learn how to watch games together. Game viewing can be fun if you learn a few tricks. Even if you are not familiar with multiple games, let's learn how to enjoy watching games together while eating and drinking!
Of course, we will also have a roundtable discussion on e-sports in 2020 with a variety of guests on various talk topics! Stay tuned!

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/akahossy

First event at the largest facility in Japan

The "Well Plaid Festival Osaka edition" will be held on Sunday, March 1, 2020. Participation is free of charge.
In addition to numerous events, Wellplayed's original goods will be on sale, making it possible for even first-time e-sports event attendees to feel free to participate.
It is a rare opportunity to participate in the opening event of a newly opened facility, so why not join us?
For more details, please visit the "Wellplayed Festival Osaka edition" teaser site and theofficial Wellplayed Twitter page.

Outline of "Wellplayed Festival Osaka edition
Date and time March 1, 2020 (Sunday) 11:00-19:00 (Registration starts at 10:30)
2-1 Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita-shi, Osaka 565-0826, Japan
Official website: https://www.redhorse-corp.co.jp/redee/
Access 2 minutes walk from Osaka Monorail "Banpaku Kinen Koen Station".
Admission Free of charge
Well Played Festival Osaka edition" teaser site http://wpfes.wellplayed.jp
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/wellplayedinc
Organized by Well Plaid Co.


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