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Entry for "Virtua Fighter esports esports" first official tournament "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports PRE SEASON MATCH" is approaching!

「Virtua Fighter esports」初の公式大会「VIRTUA FIGHTER esports PRE SEASON MATCH」のエントリー受付迫る!

Sega's latest title in the Virtua Fighter series, " Virtua Fighter esports," will make its return on June 1, 2021 (Tuesday), breaking a long period of silence.
The mere release of the new Virtua Fighter esports game was enough to send Sega and Virtua fans into a frenzy, but the fact that the game is now available for free on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now means that it is being played around the world even at this very moment.
The PlayStation Plus free play distribution period is longer than other free plays, until August 2, 2021 (Monday ), but if you haven't downloaded it yet, do so as soon as possible.
Virtua Fighter esports" has the word "esports" in its name, and is a title with an eye toward development in e-sports, with " Virtua Fighter esportsSEASON_0 " will start in August 2021.
The entry deadline for the pre-competition is approaching!

バーチャ復活!「バーチャファイター eスポーツ」正式発表!PS4で発売決定!

Entries will be accepted until July 4!

"VIRTUA FIGHTER esports"eスポーツ特設サイト

The " VIRTUA FIGHTER esports PRE SEASON MATCH " will be the first official "Virtua Fighter esports" tournament as well as the pre-tournament for the "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SEASON_0". quot;will be held on Sunday, July 18, 2021.
Entries are now being accepted, and the deadline for entries is Saturday, July 4, 2021 at 24: 00!
The tournament will be held online and will feature double elim ination tournament play, with commemorative trophies awarded to the winning and runner-up players.
This is the first official tournament, so don't think that just participating is worthwhile... go out there and try to win!
The maximum number of participants in the tournament is 128. If the number of participants exceeds the limit, a drawing will be held to determine the winners, so be sure to enter as soon as possible!
To check the tournament rules and regulations and to enter, please visit the VIRTUA FIGHTER esports community site <VIRTUA FIGHTER CAMP>!

The Concept Movie's Stellar Production Team Revealed!

Have you seen the "Virtua Fighter x esports project" concept movie that was released at the official announcement of "Virtua Fighter esports" on May 27, 2021?
It was a really cool video, and I'm sure many of you have already seen it many times.
The production team has not been announced until now, but now they have been revealed to the public!
The film director is Mr. INNI VISION, who has been on world tours in 22 countries, from underground to overground, utilizing his unique perspective and the visual rhythm he developed as a drummer, and has been conveying the appeal of Japanese bands/artists to the world. The announcement has been made that Y.K.C. is the lead guitarist, keyboardist, and programmer for the rock band coldrain.
INNI VISION's comments are also published along with the announcement.
If you watch the concept movie after reading the comments, you will get a new feeling!
For more information, please visit the " VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" e-sports special site!

Comment from INNI VISION

"VIRTUA FIGHTER esports"eスポーツ特設サイト

It was an honor to collaborate with Y.K.C., the lead guitarist/composer of Japan's world-class loud rock band "coldrain", on the concept film for the Legendary Game, starting with the soundtrack production.
The image of the video is a devastated future, a museum in ruins, and the world's first fighting game that expresses real human movements and martial arts actions in 3D-CG is restarted.
A wide variety of challengers rush to enter the competition, heading for the one and only championship in a world of time leaps and Virtua Fighter footage.
We hope that a wide range of people, from the generation who were enthusiastic about the game in real time to the new generation who discovered its appeal through this film, will enjoy this video as a catalyst for experiencing the tournament.

"VIRTUA FIGHTER esports"eスポーツ特設サイト


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