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Challenge JeSU certified professional player Chameleon! "Virtua Fighter esports" "On/Off Participatory! Sega Official Kumite DOJO #2" will be held on July 15th!

JeSU公認プロ選手のカメレオンさんに挑戦!「Virtua Fighter esports」の「オン/オフ参加型!セガ公式組手DOJO #2」が7月15日に開催!

The official tournament "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_1 [1st] FINAL" (hereinafter "CHALLENGE CUP") will be held on June 18, 2022 (Saturday) at the headquarters of Sega Sammy Group. Virtua Fighter esports " is putting a lot of effort into e-sports development, such as holding the "Virtua Fighter
Sega Official Kumite DOJO " was held on June 11, 2022 (Sat) as a new project of "SEASON_1", and the second event has already been announced!

「VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_1【1st】FINAL」大会レポート!優勝者・準優勝者へのインタビューも!

The second event will be held on July 15!

" On/Off participation! Sega Official Kumite DOJO #2 " will feature Virtua Fighter esports certified professional player, Chameleon!
Erika Ishitobi will be the MC, and Wasakon will provide the commentary.

From left, Chameleon, Erika Ishikawa, Wasakon

The second event will be held at eXeField Ak iba, an exchange facility in Akihabara UDX that creates new culture and society through "ICT x eSports".
The players who challenge the chameleon and win the tournament will receive a special title " Dojo Breaker " in the game, so why don't you participate and try to win the title of "Dojo Breaker"!

Special Title "Dojo Batsurai


On/Off participation! SEGA Official Kumite DOJO #2" will be broadcast on Friday, July 15, 2022 at 20:00!
After the opening of the show, we will have a Kumite match using the room match function of "Virtua Fighter esports", where you will play against other matched online players!
After that, an offline pair-up match will be held from around 20:50 to 21:20 against 5 players who wish to participate in the match-up!
Those who wish to participate in this match will be selected by lottery from those who visit "eXeField Akiba", which will be open from 19:15 on the day of the event.
Please note that the "eXeField Akiba" is a pay store that is open during regular business hours, so an admission fee is required.
Also, on/off participation type! Sega Official Kumite DOJO #2 will be streamed on the VF official channel, so be sure to tune in on the day of the match and join in the fun!

  • 20:00: Program starts/online kumite starts
  • 20:50(tentative): Online kumite ends / Offline kumite starts
  • 21:20 (tentative): End of offline kumite / Ending


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