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Total prize money 500,000 yen! We are looking for entries for VALORANT's online competition "VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series"!

賞金総額50万円!VALORANTのオンライン大会「VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series」へのエントリー募集中!

TechnoBlood Corporation, which boasts an overwhelming 90% share of the Internet cafe business support and advertising business, announces the " VALORANT TechnoBlood TechnoBlood, Inc.

Players will compete for the top three places in a series of three rounds.

The "VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series" will use a unique rating system called Climber Points ( CP) to assign teams to groups so that everyone can enjoy the competition stage regardless of skill level. The tournament is designed to allow everyone to enjoy the stage of the competition regardless of skill level.
In this tournament, up to 128 teams will be divided into 8 groups ( 16 teams per group).
After all matches have been completed for the day, each player will receive an increase or decrease in CP based on the total number of victories, which will be used as an indicator of each player's skill level for the second and subsequent group assignments.
By assigning teams with similar abilities to the same group, it will be possible to play matches with a more competitive field.

The tournament format is dual single elimination.
Unlike the normal single elimination format, the team that wins the first match will be placed in the "winner's blanket" and the team that loses will be placed in the "loser's blanket.
This will allow each team to play at least two matches per day, and will make it easier to reflect the true strength of the teams.

Entries for the first round are now being accepted.

The tournament is scheduled to be held three times in total, and rankings will be determined according to the final CP. The top finishers will receive cash prizes.
The first tournament will be held on August 21, 2020 (Friday) from 19: 00, and entries are now being accepted from the official website of the "VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series".
Entries will be accepted until August 19, 2020 (Wed.) at 10:00 a.m., so be sure to check and agree to therules of participationbefore submitting your entry form.

The first tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch, with yue as the play-by-play commentator and yukishiro as the commentator, who will explain each player's game in an easy-to-understand manner, so even those who have never played "VARORANT" before will be able to enjoy the broadcast. This will be a broadcast that even those who have never played "VARORANT" before can enjoy.
For more details, please visit the "VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series" special page.

Overview of "VALORANT TechnoBlood Climber Series
Number of teams Up to 128 teams
Maximum number of groups 8 groups (16 teams per group)
Tournament Format Dual Single Elimination
Match Format Best of 1 (all matches)
Climber Points (CP) 4 Wins: +9 CP
3 Wins: +5 CP
2 Wins: +3 CP
1 Win: +1 CP
0 Win: -2 CP
Prize Money Total Prize Money : 500,000 yen
1st to 5th Prizes: 50,000 yen
Cash prizes for 6th-10th place: 25,000 yen
11-15th place prize money: 10,000 yen
16th to 30th place prize money: 5,000 yen

In this competition, a unique rating called Climber Point (CP) will be assigned to each "individual" competitor.
A total of 500,000 yen in cash prizes will be awarded according to CP rankings after the completion of all three rounds of the tournament.
The ranking method in the event of a tie in points will be announced at a later date.

Schedule First round: Friday, August 21, 2020 from 19:00
2nd Session: Saturday, September 12, 2020, 14:00 -
Third round: Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 14:00~ (holiday)
Application Period 1st round: August 19, 2020 (Wed.) 10:00
Application form: https://valorant.tb-cup.com/valorant-regist20200821/

Second round: September 9, 2020 (Wed.) 23:59
Application form: https://valorant.tb-cup.com/valorant-regist20200912/

3rd: Saturday, September 19, 2020 (23:59)
Application form: https://valorant.tb-cup.com/valorant-regist20200922/

Sponsored by Techno Blood Co.
Cooperation by RIAT Games, LLC.
Supported by Shua Japan K.K., Dotac Japan Inc.
Distribution Information
1st Tournament Delivery Time Friday, August 21, 2020 19:00~ (JST)
Streaming URL Twitch (VALORANT official): https: //www.twitch.tv/valorant_jpn
Twitch (TechnoBlood official): https: //www.twitch.tv/technoblood_esports
Guests Live Commentary: yue
Commentary : yukishiro


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A corporation techno blood which is based in Taito-ku, Tokyo and takes pride in the overwhelming share rate as about 90 % by business support in an internet caf

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