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"Tokyo Esports Festa 2022" will be held! This time, online and offline hybrid event!


Tokyo eSports Festa " is an event consisting of eSports competitions and related industrial exhibitions, with the aim of promoting eSports and related industries.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is among the organizers of this e-sports event, and the first event will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in January 2020, and the second in February 2021 at the Corona Disaster, making it the second time the event has been held online as early as the first.
And as various offline events have been held little by little in recent years, the third "Tokyo eSports Festa 2022" is scheduled for January 2022 !
This year's event will be a hybrid event that can be enjoyed both offline and online!

The first place winner will receive the "Tokyo Governor's Cup"! Competition Titles Announced!

Tokyo eSports Festa 2022" will be held from January 28 (Friday) to January 30 (Sunday), 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight, South Halls 1 and 2!
While the offline venue will be at Tokyo Big Sight, the online venue will be set up on YouTube, Nico Nico Live Broadcast, OPENREC.tv, and Twitch, all of which are video distribution services!
It will be a hybrid event that will be fun both onsite and online from the comfort of your home.
And since this is an e-sports event, you can't decide whether or not to participate unless you know what game titles will be used in the event, right?
The following six titles have been selected to be used in the "Tokyo eSports Festa 2022"!

Tokyo eSports Festa 2022" Event Titles
  • eBASEBALL Professional Baseball Spirits 2021 Grand Slam
  • Gran Turismo SPORT
  • Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch Bajyon!
  • Pazudora
  • Puyopuyo eSports
  • Monster Strike

eBASEBALL PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS 2021 GRAND SLAM ", which was just released in July 2021, has been newly selected as a competition title.
The other five titles are the same as last year's and have a long history, so a high level of competition is expected.
The first place winner of each title will receive the "Tokyo Governor 's Cup", so let's aim to win the "Tokyo Governor's Cup"!
However, this does not mean that only those who are confident in their skills are allowed to participate!
Also, "Taiko Drum Master NintendoSwitch Bajyon! and "Monster Strike" have newly established a " Parent and Child Category "!
If parents and children practice together and participate together, it may be a chance to strengthen the bond between parents and children... Come and make the first memories of 2022!
"Gran Turismo SPORT," "Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch Bajyon! and "Puyo Puyo eSports" will open for entries on Thursday, November 4, 2021!
The online qualifying round for each title will be held on December 4, 2021 (Sat), and the results will determine who will participate in the finals on the day of the "Tokyo eSports Festa 2022".
Not only those who are confident in their skills, but also those who have never participated in an e-sports event before are encouraged to participate!
Entries will be accepted until 23:59 on Monday, November 22, 2021 at the official website of "Tokyo eSports Festa"!
The details of the tournament rules and regulations have also been made public, so be sure to check and agree to them before entering!
Entries for "eBASEBALL Pro Baseball Spirits 2021 Grand Slam," "Pazudora" and "Monster Strike" will be open soon, so stay tuned for more information!

Experience eSports with the Fall Guys!

Even though there are divisions for parents and kids, it may seem a bit difficult to participate in an e-sports event for the first time.
At "Tokyo eSports Festa 2022", eSports events will be held so that even first-timers can feel free to participate!
And the title chosen for the event is " Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout," a party game in which beans run amok in any direction!

It's a casual battlow game that anyone can enjoy, and the basic controls are easy to use, so it's possible to win the first time you play it!
This will be a casual event, so even if you are new to e-sports events, we hope you will join us!
More details will be announced later on the "Tokyo eSports Festa " official website, so please look forward to more information!


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Budget 50 million yen! The possibility of esports × the government felt at the esports event "Tokyo esports festa" hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Budget 50 million yen! The possibility of esports × the government felt at the esports eve...

The administrative holding e sports event Tokyo Metropolitan Government sponsored "Tokyo e sports festival" was held in Tokyo Big Sight from January 1

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