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I've been trying out YOU SUCK AT PARKING!

とめられるもんならとめてみな!TGS2022 インディーゲームコーナーで「You Suck at Parking」を試遊してきた!

Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022) was held from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
It was the first time in three years that the show was held offline, and all the booths were crowded!
There were long lines to try out major games, but many indie games were relatively empty, so if you want to play a variety of titles, I highly recommend you visit the indie game corner next year!
Now, this time, I, the author, who visited the indie game corner, would like to introduce some of the recommended titles that struck a chord with me!

If you can stop me, stop me!

You Suck at Paking
You Suck at Paking
funglr Games

This time, I'd like to introduce " You Suck at Parking," a new title developed by Belgium-based indie studio Happy Volcano and released on September 15 (Thursday), the day of TGS2022!
The game is an unusual physics-based racing game in which the goal is to park your car in a parking area!

Try to play on a real machine!

You Suck at Paking
Slam into the wall!
funglr Games

This game, which requires only accelerating, braking, and handling, looks easy at first glance, but it is surprisingly difficult!
The rule is that you have to drive nonstop until you reach the parking area, and the tension from that makes you meander around the road continuously!
The first time I played it, I hit the wall with all my might!

You Suck at Paking
Brilliant drifting!
funglr Games

Speaking of racing games, drifting is a must!

You can turn the car with just a little control, and drifting is super fun once you get used to it!

Cruel parking
funglr Games

The drifting is brilliant, but the target parking is cruel....
I was helped by the lax judgment that it is OK as long as part of the car body is inside the frame, but it seems that if you can park nicely, the time limit is added to that amount.
There is one more checkpoint, and I hope to make a brilliant decision there!
Time is running out, but next is the jumping action from the uphill at the back....
Come on!

funglr Games
funglr Games
Parking virtuoso!
funglr Games

You landed beautifully from the jump to the parking area and cleared it!
In this title, the controller vibrates to produce shocks during drifting and when landing, making the experience highly immersive and pleasant!
This is an experience you're going to want to play on a real machine to fully appreciate!

Now on sale! Bring your friends!

You Suck at Parking
You Suck at Parking

"You Suck at Parking" is available on Steam for 2,050 yen (tax included)!
You Suck at Parking" is available on Steam for 2,050 yen (tax included)!
It's a fun game to play with friends and family while having fun together!

The free demo version has quite a few stages, so if you're interested, start there!


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