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Don't be made to dance! At TGS2022 Indy Game Corner, I tried "I tried to make 'Dance on the Palm' into VR (tentative)"!

踊らされるな!TGS2022 インディゲームコーナーで「掌の上で踊らされる」をVR化してみた(仮)を試遊してきた!

Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022) will be held from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
It was the first time in three years that the show was held offline, and all the booths were crowded!
There were long lines to try out major games, but many indie games were relatively empty, so if you want to play a variety of titles, I highly recommend you visit the indie game corner next year!
Now, this time, I, the author who visited the indie game corner, would like to introduce some of the titles that struck a chord with me!


Let me dance on your palms!

VR version of "Dance in My Palm" (tentative)
funglr Games

Everyone has at least once had the desire to manipulate someone at will, or even to make them dance in your hands, right?
In the "VR version of 'Dance on my Palm' (tent ative)" produced by Movere, Inc., two players fight against each other, divided into "the side that drops you from the palm (non-VR) " and "the side that endures (VR) "!
The player who is dropped tilts the controller placed on his/her palm, and the player who endures tilts the chair on which the other player rides.
The side that endures tilts its body in the opposite direction of the tilted direction and tries to endure so that it does not fall.
For 50 seconds, will you be able to withstand the game without being forced to dance on your palm, or will you be the one to drop the opponent who is trying to endure?

Play on the side of enduring!

On the palm (chair)...
funglr Games

When you put on the VR headset on the palm (chair), you are in some kind of eerie space!
It seems that the person in front of you is a Buddha.
When the game starts, music plays, which makes you feel uneasy, and then, whoosh !
Suddenly, my palm tilts to the left and the wind is blowing my body around!
Not to be outdone, I turn my body to the right and manage to endure.
After a series of left-right attacks and defenses, the palm turns horizontal, as if it has decided that there is no way out of this situation.
What is it? Without even a moment to think, the palm moves upward!
Just as I felt a definite sense of ascent from the wind and the shifting of the background, my palms went forward with a whimper!
With a "ooooh!" cry, I hurriedly turned my body backward, but fell without a second thought!
I was dropped a total of three times in 50 seconds of play!
It was a frustrating feeling to be danced on my palms so spectacularly, but the eerie space, the realistic wind, and the action that I was trying to endure were definitely fun, just like an amusement park attraction!

Play on the side of the drop!

Now I'm going to make you dance!
funglr Games

How dare you make me dance on your palm just now...!
So now I'm playing on the losing side!
The trick to make them dance on your palm is to move the controller on your palm slowly, so that it is easier to detect.

Now, to start with, tilt the palm to the left and to the right.
Feint to the right! Giggle left!
Hmmm, it is very stubbornly endurable.
Now, suddenly, return your palm to the front and lean forward!
I succeeded in making it fall down with a "wahhhh!" sound!
This is quite a pleasure !
I didn't know this when I was playing as the player who endures the game, but the player who drops the ball can play while watching the reaction of the player who endures the game, so it is very interesting to feel the sensation of making the ball dance in your hands!
I got the hang of it and was able to get him to drop it again within the time limit, and it was great fun!
That's what I love about asymmetrical competitive games, getting to play twice in one game!
For more information on this title, please check out Steam or Movere's official Twitter (@MovereVR )!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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