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TGS2022, a new product gaming gear was also on display, and we went to the Uta SteelSeries booth!


Tokyo Game Show 2022 " (TGS2022) was held at Makuhari Messe from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
SteelSeries Japan, which handles gaming gear, also exhibited at the " SteelSeries " booth, showing off its new products including the "Apex 9 TKL/MINI" and the "Arctis Nova 7". The booth also displayed a variety of gaming gear, including keyboards, headsets, and mice, including the new Apex 9 TKL/MINI and Arctis Nova 7.

Gaming keyboards such as the "Apex 9" series!

funglr Games

Among the gaming keyboards on display were the new " Apex 9 Mini ", " Apex 9 TKL " and "Apex Pro", which went on sale on September 15, 2022 (Thursday).

Apex 9 TKL
funglr Games

I had a chance to try the Apex 9 TKL and Apex 9 Mini, and the keyboard felt great and sounded great when pressed.
I have never actually used a keyboard with "MINI" on it, and this was the first time I touched one at TGS2022, but the ease of pressing was the same. I have changed my mind about small keyboards.
Also, the new Apex 9 TKL and Apex 9 Mini gaming keyboards are said to have a 0.2ms response time, which made me want to actually buy one and test its performance!

Gaming headsets such as the "ARCTIS NOVA" series!

Arctis Novafunglr Games

funglr Games

Next, in the headset section, the "Arctis Nova 1/1P " and " Arctis Nova 3," which will be available from October 7, 2022 (Friday), as well as the " Arctis Nova 7"" with dual wireless connectivity, were on display. The microphone is easy to use and completely wireless.

"Arctis Nova"シリーズを実際に装着してみた!
"Arctis Nova" series in action!
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When I tried on the new headset, I found it to be very lightweight and almost no strain on my head!
I don't get tired even if I wear it and play games for a long time.

 "Arctis Nova"シリーズ マイク
Arctis Nova" series microphone
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The microphones are easy to handle and can be fully retracted, which is a big advantage.

Arctis Nova Series Earpads
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The earpads, which are consumable, were easy to remove and install, so I felt that this is a gaming gear that I can use for a long time!
The new Arctis Nova series features fully customized 40mm audio drivers and the world's first parametric equalizer with Sonar software for a 360° spatial audio experience.
The pre-order period for the "Aerox" is starting on September 15, 2022 (Thursday), so if you are interested in this product, please pre-order it now!

Gaming mice such as the "Aerox" series!

"Aerox 5."
funglr Games

There were also many mice on display, including the "Aerox 5", "Aerox 9", and "Aerox 3", which went on sale in April of this year.
All are available in wired and wireless models.

funglr Games

This is the first time for me to actually touch the "Aerox" series, and it was very easy to handle for me, as I hold the mouse by the hand.
By the way, you might be worried that the mesh type might be damaged by sweaty hands during a game, but it is IP54-compliant and drip-proof, making it difficult to break even if your hands sweat or a cup falls over and gets splashed with liquid.
The base is painted black, and even when you look inside, it is completely black, making it a fashionable design.

 funglr Games

Mice ranging from the "Aerox 3" with two side buttons to the "Aerox 9," an 18-button model with 12 side buttons, are lined up in a row, and since I am not familiar with mice with many buttons, I couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow! I am not familiar with mice with many buttons, so I couldn't help but let out an exclamation of admiration. (I was surprised at the number of buttons on the mouse, which I am not familiar with.)
The mouse is also compatible with SteelSeries Engine 3, the integrated software for SteelSeries devices, which allows for detailed settings such as CPI (mouse sensitivity), polling rate adjustment, and lighting.

Available at mass retailers and on Amazon

It is now available at electronics retailers nationwide and on Amazon.co.jp.
For more information, please check out the official SteelSeries website and the SteelSeries Twitter account (@SteelSeriesJP )!


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