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"Oh, more than that. "TGS2022 Nitori booth report to provide game space!


Tokyo Game Show 2022 ( TGS2022)" was held from Thursday, September 15, 2022 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
TGS2022 was held offline for the first time in three years, but there were many opportunities to stay at home and get the latest information on the latest games, with special programs running from night to midnight and live broadcasts of the stages as they were.
However! Funglr Games covered four days at the offline venue, and we got to experience a lot of the excitement and experience that you can only get offline!
In this issue, we bring you a report from the Nitori booth, a furniture maker exhibiting at TGS for the first time!


TGS2022 Nitori booth

TGS2022 ニトリブース
TGS2022 Nitori booth
funglr Games

The familiar emerald green logo of the Nitori booth stood out amidst the gaming atmosphere of Makuhari Messe.
Its imposing appearance was even dignified.

funglr Games

In recent years, gaming furniture such as gaming desks and gaming chairs have become popular not only among gamers but also housewives and businessmen, and many manufacturers have entered the market.
Nitori was not about to let such a situation pass them by, and they were proud to exhibit their products for the first time at TGS2022.

Black and white gaming room set!

ゲーミングルームセット(黒)funglr Games

This is a gaming room set!
As part of Nitori's model set...

  • Gaming desk: 14,900 yen (tax included)
  • Gaming monitor stand: 2,490 yen (tax included)
  • Gaming shelf: 11,900 yen (tax included)
  • Wagon with cup holder: ¥7,990 (tax included)
  • Gaming chair: ¥49,900 (tax included)

On display!
The total price for the five Nitori products is 87,180 yen (including tax), and you can have a gaming space all to yourself!
The furniture is not like Nitori in a good sense, and has been decidedly cool in black and red.

Kime face
funglr Games

This is a very comfortable space, so I leaned on my elbow and made a cool face.

funglr Games

Here's the gaming room set in white!
"Combined with the high bed (Sepata N WH), everything in your life is complete in this space!
This room set, which is not gaming gaming, is still popular among women.
The design covers everyday use as well, as is typical of Nitori.

L-Shaped Corner Desk

funglr Games

This is an L-shaped corner desk that has not yet been released!
The price is Coming Soon for this product, which can be perfectly placed in a corner of a room that tends to become dead space.
The size is W160 x D160 x H72cm, and there is a pocket (dimple) on the back of the desk to organize wiring.

Elevating Desk

funglr Games

Here's another elevating desk that hasn't been released yet!
The dark brown color "Elevating desk (Murphy 2 120 DBR) " is available for 34,900 yen (tax included).
The size is W120 x D66 x H73-122 cm and can be raised and lowered by about 50 cm.
It is raised and lowered with a hand-cranked lever.
Might this add some excitement to your sedentary telework?

ここでもキメ顔funglr Games

Here's another kick-ass face.

Gaming chairs

A large number of gaming chairs
funglr Games

The most frequently exhibited items were gaming chairs.
Developed based on ergonomics, gaming chairs are no longer limited to gaming use, but have also made their way into offices and on the benches of professional sports such as baseball and soccer.

funglr Games

At the time of writing, Nitori Net, Nitori 's official mail order...

  • Gaming Chair (Hayden 2)
  • Gaming chair (Hayden PRO2 with footrest)
  • Gaming Chair(REVOKE)
  • Gaming Chair(Yoh/GM704)
  • Gaming Low Type Chair (GM703)

Various types of gaming chairs are available.
Gaming ch airs with multiple reclining positions are also available, and are very popular for gaming and working at home.

The final look
funglr Games

This is the final look.
He was satisfied with the various gaming chairs he was able to sit in.
The comfort of the chair is "very good, it fits my back. The cushion gently nestles against my lower back. Compared to other manufacturers, it is inexpensive and definitely better than the price.

JFA Collaboration Model
funglr Games

A collaboration model of gaming chair displayed as official goods of the Japan Football Association (JFA)!
The unique design based on the blue team color of the Japanese national soccer team, which will play in the World Cup in November 2022, has a strong presence!
The chairs were displayed along with a lawn that resembled a soccer field, and since photography was free, many visitors took commemorative photos.

Golden gaming chair
funglr Games

The JFA collaboration model was the most popular for taking pictures while actually sitting in the chair, but this one was the most popular in terms of attracting people.
This gaming chair has casters, pedals, footrests, reclining levers, seat, armrests, cushions, etc. Every part of the chair is golden.
Although it was not for sale and we were not allowed to try it out or touch it, its strong impact makes everyone want to take a picture and upload it to social networking sites.

ヌイグルミ(ヒツジ SF01n-s)
Noigurumi (Sheep SF01n-s)
funglr Games

Nitori exhibited for the first time at TGS2022.
At the entrance of the booth, a gaming room set with a prominent black and white contrast.
A little further inside, the JFA collaboration and golden gaming chairs were sitting, and it was impressive that visitors passing by were taking pictures of them one after another.
Above all, the familiar logo of "Nitori" in Makuhari Messe, where TGS is being held, made us want to take a peek.
For more information on gaming furniture, please visit the gaming furniture special page on Nitori Net, Nitori's official online shopping site!


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