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Outstanding presence! TGS2022's Meta Quest booth report where you can experience 7 titles including unreleased titles!

存在感抜群!未リリースを含む7タイトルが体験できるTGS2022のMeta Questブースレポート!

Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS 2022) was held from Thursday, September 15, 2022 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
This was the first time in three years that the show was held offline, and many manufacturers and brands exhibited for the first time in booths, making us realize that three years is a long time for the game industry.
One of them was Meta Quest, which exhibited a booth with an outstanding presence, lined with neon-colored boxes.
Here is a report on the Meta Quest booth at TGS2022!

TGS2022にVRヘッドセット「Meta Quest 2」の人気タイトルが体験できる「Meta Questブース」が出展!ブースで体験できるタイトルも発表!

Meta Quest's booth at TGS2022

Meta Quest's booth, with its colorful neon colors, had a strong presence!
At the Meta Quest booth at TGS2022...

  • X8 (X8)
  • Diskronia: CA
  • Beat Saber
  • Sports Scramble

You can experience the demo of 7 titles!

Meta Quest × Among Us VR
Meta Quest x Among Us VR
funglr Games

There will be a "Meta Quest x Among Us VR" photo spot in the Meta Quest booth!

Among Us VR will be released by Meta Quest in the winter of 2022, and will feature the Among Us crew and imposters in 3D!
The first-person VR gameplay trailer for Among Us VR, which was released in June 2022, also shows the fun that can only be had in the first-person perspective of VR.

Full immersion awaits!
funglr Games

The tagline panel reads, "Full immersion awaits.
Featuring completely wireless and stand-alone operation, Meta Quest allows you to dive into the world of VR anytime, anywhere.

Now, let's try it out!
funglr Games

If you come to the Meta Quest booth, you can't miss out on the experience!
We're going to hit the colorful room!

怪しげな部屋に連れられ・・・funglr Games

We were taken to a mysterious room with neon lights shining...

Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 2
funglr Games

This is Meta Quest 2!
The design is simple, with white as the base color, but it is filled with dreams, hopes, and the future.

試遊タイトルを選ぶfunglr Games

Selecting a title to try...

完没Tシャツfunglr Games

The staff is setting up... I want that T-shirt!

Meta Quest 2コントローラーの持ち方funglr Games

First, we are taught how to hold the controller.

Meta Quest 2ヘッドセットを装着funglr Games

Put on the headset and you are ready to go!

目の前に世界が広がる!funglr Games

The title we chose to try out this time is " ALTAIR BRE AKER," a new title just released on August 19, 2022 (Friday).

敵を見上げるfunglr Games

"ALTAIR BREAKER" is a VR multiplayer sword-fighting action game featuring high-speed sword-fighting action, cutting enemies, aerial combos, and wide-range attacks with special moves.
The VR player may look ridiculous when photographed from the outside, but the intuitive sword-fighting action is surprisingly impressive, don't you think?

ALTAIR BREAKERのプレイ画面funglr Games

In the game, you are fighting enemies like this.

Meta Quest 2体験
Meta Quest 2体験
Meta Quest 2体験
funglr Games

Clear the stage!
The exhilaration of calmly guarding against enemy attacks and then launching and chasing after them is unbelievable!

Meta Quest 2うちわfunglr Games

The fun time of playing the game passed in a flash, and I received a Meta Quest 2 fan as a commemorative gift.
The Meta Quest 2 has a one-eye resolution of 1832 x 1920, which is a further evolution from the previous model, and allows full immersion in the VR world.
The processor and memory specs have been upgraded to provide more processing power, and by connecting to a PC with a Link cable, you can also play VR games on other platforms.

Crews are also crazy about VR!
funglr Games

Diskonia: CA," which was one of the titles we tried out, will be released on September 22 (Thursday), 2022.
X8" and "MIXTURE" are also scheduled for release in the future.
The number of VR titles and content will only increase in the future, and the Meta Quest 2, a completely wireless all-in-one VR headset that does not require a PC, is sure to be your first VR experience!
For more details, please visit the official Meta Quest website!


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Buy now if you want to! "Meta Quest 2" will greatly increase the price by more than 20,000 yen from August 1st! New buyers will receive a free "Beat Saber"!
Buy now if you want to! "Meta Quest 2" will greatly increase the price by more t...

When it comes to VR headsets, the "Meta Quest 2," a stand-alone VR headset that supports 6DoF (head and neck rotation, tilt, back and forth, and up an

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