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At the Intel booth of TGS2022, you can experience many test activities such as "interl Arc" exhibition and drift driving experience!

TGS2022のインテルブースでドリフト走行体験など数多くの試遊体験ができる!さらに「Intel Arc」搭載PCの展示も!

Tokyo Game Show 2022" (TGS 2022) was held at Makuhari Messe from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022.
Since it was the first time in three years that the show was held for real, the venue was filled with a large number of people.
The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the venue was a booth with many cool PCs lined up in a shining blue light.
And if you look closely, you can see the word " intel ". So, I went to the Intel booth right away!


Intel's own standalone GPU "Intel Arc" series

The first thing that caught my eye was Intel's own standalone GPU " Intel Arc " series, which is scheduled to be released in Japan in the near future.

"Intel Arc"展示
Intel Arc" exhibit
funglr Games

The "Arc A380" entry-level GPU, which will be available from mid-September, and the "Arc A750" high-end GPU, which is a high-end model, were on display.
In addition, NEC's "LAVIE N15" notebook prototype with "Intel Arc" was also on display, and visitors were able to try out a demo model with "Intel Arc" at another location!

"Intel Arc"
Intel Arc" demo machine
funglr Games

Drifting experience

There were many other places in the booth where you could try out the demos, and as I wandered around to see where I could start, I saw a simulation game that looked really interesting!
From the looks of it, you could experience drifting in a real manual car, so I got to try it out right away!

ドリフト走行試遊体験 スタッフさんに教えてもらっている姿
Drifting experience
funglr Games

The friendly staff showed me how to drive the car, and off we went!

Drift Driving Experience
funglr Games

It was very difficult to control the steering wheel, and if I got carried away and tried to go too fast, I would slip or crash into a guardrail.
Still, the exhilaration of gaining speed was unbearable!

High-performance FRONTIER desktop PC

Next, we headed to the FRONTIER corner, where cool desktop PCs with simple designs are available.

FRONTIER GHシリーズ 試遊体験
FRONTIER's desktop PCs
funglr Games

The details of this PC showed that it is a very high performance PC with " Intel Core i7 12700F " on board.
I heard that you can also try out this PC, so I played with it a little.

FRONTIER GHシリーズ スペック
FRONTIER GH Series Specifications
funglr Games

It's great to be able to play high-definition games at a smooth pace!
If I want to play high-definition games, I want a desktop PC with this kind of high performance.

Level Infinity and pro-gamers collaborated on this PC!

And while I was strolling around the booth again, I saw a collaboration PC between Level Infinity and a team of pro-gamers on display!

レベルインフィニティ コラボレーションPC コーナー
Level Infinity Collaboration PC Corner
funglr Games

This time, we displayed a collaboration PC with the teams of " ZETA DIVISION " and " GameWith ".
Both PCs are very simple and cool without any decorations.

レベルインフィニティ コラボレーションPC
Level Infinity GameWith collaboration PC
funglr Games

The back of the PC is visible, and the combination of the mechanical design and the pro-gamer logo is so cool that I might just end up buying one!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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