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TGS2021 Offline venue "AimRacing 2021" and its history of super-quality student works I met at "Japan Electronics College"


Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online" (TGS2021 Online) was held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday).

Japan Electronics College, a technical college in Shinjuku, Tokyo, also participated in this event, and the offline venue was a hands-on space with 20 student works and the largest number of works!

This time, we had the chance to experience " AimRacing2021," which was displayed in an overwhelming playing environment with a steering wheel controller, a seat, and three large-screen monitors.

Japan Electronics College "AimRacing2021" booth in full swing
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AimRacing2021," a full-scale time attack that goes beyond the realm of student production

AimRacing2021" - well-displaced icons for displaying curves, a rotating course map, and other authentic UI features.
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AimRacing2021 " is a driving simulator that allows you to enjoy a time attack on a realistically recreated 4.5 km downhill course on the Okutama Circuit Road.

The feel of the controls is similar to the "Gran Turismo" series, especially Gran Turismo 4, if I were to give my own personal impression.

The realistic behavior of the rear wheels is adjusted so that they do not slide and drift easily, so cornering with calm braking is required to achieve the balance that experts like.

The use of the Okutama Circuit Road as the subject of the game is also a good example of this, and the game design, which is different from racing cars on a circuit and has a scent of hobby and realism, naturally generates a good feeling.

The game also features a guide function that displays corner icons at the top of the screen as a guide to the course. This is a feature that has been implemented in many games for a long time now as a reference to rally pace notes, and this game is no exception to that rule.

This is a very thoughtful feature that is also appropriate for the nature of this game, where the main focus is on the event exhibition, so it is not easy to memorize the long course of the Okutama Circuit Road before taking on the challenge.

Demo scene before the start. The lighting that vividly reproduces Okutama in summer is beautiful.
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The delicate font is also modern. Along with the expression of the tanned road surface, it insists on a high-resolution finish.
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Furthermore, the graphics that recreate the summer in Okutama have been realistically reproduced, even down to the details such as dirt and scratches that have deteriorated over time .

In addition, with three large monitors and a foot pedal-equipped steering wheel controller, I was able to hit the corners with enthusiasm while hitting many walls.

Even discounting the compact one-machine-one-course design, and even though I know this may sound rude, I can't help but wonder, "How did a student production achieve such a high level of perfection? " one can' t help but think, "How did this student work come to be so well finished?

How was the quality of this work achieved?

Game Production Graduate School, 14 years in development, a masterpiece!

The title logo of "AimRacing 2021. The small "14th" in the logo speaks eloquently of the history and quality of the game.
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The secret behind the super quality is that the "AimRacing " series has been created by the " Game Production Research Department of the Japan Electronics College " since 2007, and this "AimRacing 2021" is the 14th in the series. This "AimRacing 2021" is the 14th in the series and has been in production for 14 years!

The school has exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show every year since the first show, and has been a part of the 25th anniversary of the show. Among the exhibits, this series has reigned as the centerpiece in recent years, and seems to be attracting a lot of attention as an aspiration for prospective students.

In university graduation research, there is a type of laboratory where the same theme is passed on from senior to junior students and research is accumulated, and the development of this series is similar to this type of research.

The actual development period for " AimRacing2021 " was only two months, from August 2021 to September 2021, a surprisingly short period of time, but it seems that the spirit has been passed on as a team of nine designers who gathered together under the aspiration of surpassing their predecessors' " AimRacing. The spirit seems to have been passed on to the next generation.

AimRacing4 (December 9, 2011)

AimRacing2021 (October 6, 2021)

Development themes and initiatives are wide-ranging, ranging from the development of each element of a racing game, such as behavior and graphics, to rebuilding to a new game engine, as well as coverage in pursuit of realism. The way they work on a single theme as a team is just like full-fledged professional game development.

The existence of a prior series of games is also a strength of the development team, and " AimRacing2021 " uses the same course as the previous game, but with a theme of increasing background detail. The themes that were focused on on top of the completed foundation are clear, and the high quality course reproduction, operability, and graphics are convincing.

In addition, being involved in the development of one's favorite series of games is a motivation that only a handful of game companies dream of. It is a dream that only a handful of game companies can offer, and it is not something you get to experience very often, but the fact that the Japan Electronics College offers such a chance, with a 14-year history of the "AimRacing" series, is also an attractive feature of the school.

In addition, the production of a new game is usually done by the same members at a vocational school.

In this context, the production of this work, in which students can gain experience in participating in existing projects and brushing up the series, is a practical environment that can be applied to actual game production, and can be considered a strength of the Japan Electronics College.

Many photos and videos are available on the Facebook page of the school's Game Production Research Department and on the Youtube channel of Mr. Kurihara of the same department.

The development of this series can be seen from various angles, such as videos at the event, research presentations, and reports from the biennial Tokyo Motor Show.

Expect to see "Japan Electronics College" and "AimRacing" at the next TGS!

The red road surface and cracks in the roadside strip were carefully represented after the goal. And the time showing signs of struggle!
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The number of visitors to TGS2021 Online Offline was limited, making it the smallest offline event to date. However, the " Japan Electronics College," which has been a part of the 25-year history of the Tokyo Game Show, was still there.

We are sure that they will continue to welcome visitors with attractive works, including the latest in the "AimRacing" series. Which elements will evolve in the next installment: ...... screen effects? Ray tracing? Or further improvements in the feel of the controls? The author's fantasy is expanding.

In any case, I hope that when TGS opens its doors to the general public, you will be able to actually try out the game and experience the passion of this series firsthand!

If you are interested, please check out the official website of " Japan Electronics College " for more details!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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