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False accusation escape adventure and danmaku shooting merge! ? "False Accusation Execution Game Yurkiru" Play Report!


Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS 2021) was held from September 30 (Thursday) to October 3 (Sunday), 2021.
Amidst the many games on display, when asked "What is the most popular game right now? Many people may ask " Yurukiru," a game scheduled to be released by Izanagi Games in the spring of 2022, as the most popular game at the moment!
The game has also become a hot topic of conversation, as popular cosplayer Moe Iori cosplayed as "Yurukiru"'s " Lina Yurikiru" on the official "Izanagi Games" online program.
We were able to try out " Yurukiru " at Makuhari Messe, and here's what happened!


What is "Yurukyuru"?

Yurukir the False Accuser

Yurukiru is a "false accusation escape adventure x bullet hell shooter " game!
In the unmanned amusement park " Yurukyuriland ", the " prisoner " is a criminal and the " executioner " is a victim, who are paired up to challenge various attractions.
The prisoner is trying to win acquittal, and the executioner is trying to get what he or she wants. The characters challenge the attractions with each of their own agendas in mind.
The story of this game is about trying to survive in the cruel and cunning Yurkiland....

Players collect evidence of false convictions in the " Adventure" part, and then use the " Shooting" part to destroy the belief that the prisoner is the culprit by beating the executioner with the evidence of false convictions.

Adventure Part
Solving riddles in the attraction

In the adventure part, you will investigate the attractions and try to solve the riddles.
The materials obtained by solving the puzzles in the attraction will be the key to unlocking the truth and will help the player in the shooting part.

Yurkyl Judgment, which pits the life and death of a prisoner against the truth of the case.
Henken Synapse, which destroys the executor's assumptions.
Shooting part

The shooting part is not just a shooting game either, it contains elements based on the content of the adventure part!
It's a fun game with a lot of elements, both adventure and shooting!

However, you may be worried that the game may be halfway between an adventure and a shooting game.
But don't worry! A number of gorgeous people were involved in the production of "Yurukiru," a game of false accusation and execution!

  • Original story: Homura Kawamoto (Gaket Kegurui)
  • Scenario: Hikaru Takeno (Kake Kegurui Novel Series)
  • Character Design: Hiro Kiyohara (Valkyria)
  • BGM: Yuko Komiyama(Monster Hunter series)
  • Shooting part development: Gref (Mamoru-kun wa kusun ga kusunashita!)

What kind of game will be created when such amazing people create one game!
Can't wait for the release date!

Play "Yurukiru" at TGS2021!

Trial booth
funglr Games 編集部

We were able to play "Yurukiru: The False Conviction Game" in Score Attack mode, which is the shooting part of the game.
This is a test of pure shooting skill.
My shooting game amateur skills are on the line...!

Character selection scene
funglr Games 編集部

I chose Ichirin Koka as the character to play because she was cute. I see a description of each aircraft on the lower right of the screen.
I wonder if each character has different specs.
Of course, the difficulty level is EASY.

Start playing!
funglr Games 編集部

The difficulty level is EASY, so at first it was easy, but then it became more and more challenging...!
There were many times when I got over a difficult part and got hit just after I said "I can do it".
There were cunning enemies that circled behind you and attacked you from positions where they couldn't hit you, or nasty enemies that shot beams at you from the side.
Even on EASY difficulty, beginners who get too carried away will be in for a world of pain...

Battles with bosses
funglr Games 編集部

As a beginner shooter, I was hit by a lot of bullets at first, but I gradually became aware of the need to avoid getting hit by my own ship, and by the time I reached the boss battle, I was able to move like a proper shooter.
However, I was so absorbed in avoiding the enemy that I could not see the gauge on the left side of the screen at all. The staff members helped me through the stages.

Staff member: "Oh, that was a 1-up!
I was like, "What? "
Staff member "You are under attack, so if you move too much you will be hit! It's better to move slowly! "
Writer "Ahhhhh..."

This is... this is Yurukyrland...!

We're clear!
funglr Games 編集部

With the help of the kind staff, we were able to clear the stage!
I was able to clear the stage even though I was an amateur first timer, and above all, I think it is a great accomplishment that I was able to clear the stage without losing sight of my ship.
I felt that the difficulty level was properly adjusted so that players would not get stuck in the shooting part.
This means that people who bought this game for the scenario can also play it with peace of mind!

A game system that lets you enjoy both the scenario and the game with gusto!

This is my report on "Yurukiru, the game of false accusations!
The game is set at a level of difficulty that is challenging yet clearable, so you can enjoy the shooting part of the game!
Also, the quality of the adventure part looks very promising!
The quality of the adventure part looks very promising!
And it doesn't seem to be the case that all the executioners have a grudge against the prisoners...?
I'm very curious to see what's in the scenario! I can't wait to see what kind of drama will unfold in " Yurukiru," the game of false accusations!

"Yurkyl the False Conviction Game " will be released onPS4/PS5, Switch, and Steam (tentative)in Spring 2022!
For more information, please check out the official "Yurkyl" website!

In addition, the official "Yurukiru" Twitter page is currently running a " TGS2021 "Yurukiru" Special " Follow & RT Present Campaign! Takuya Eguchi, who plays the role of Sengoku Shunju, and Saori Hayami, who plays the role of Rina Minori, will be giving away a gorgeous poster signed by both of them!
Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, November 30, 2021! For more details, please check the official Twitter of "Yurukiru, the game of false accusation!


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