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"INFOLENS GEEK SHOP" will be exhibited at TGS2021! Exhibition Report "Apex Legends"

TGS2021に「INFOLENS GEEK SHOP」が出展!展示レポート「Apex Legends」編

The " INFOLENS GEEK SHOP " is currently exhibiting at the " Tokyo Game Show 2021 " starting on September 30, 2021 (Thursday).

In this exhibition, many goods of popular games such as " Apex Legends ", " Ghost of Tsushima ", " Fallout ", " Cyberpunk 2077 ", etc. were displayed. Apex Legends.

Following the " Ghost of Tsushima ", " Fallout ", and " Cyberpunk 2077 " sections introduced in the previous issue, this article will report on the goods on display at the " Apex Legends " event!

TGS2021に「INFOLENS GEEK SHOP」が出展!展示レポート「Fallout」「Ghost of Tsushima」「Cyberpunk 2077」編

Nessie plush toy

Nessie plush toy
funglr Games
Nessie plush toy (Mega)
funglr Games

The much-talked-about Nessie plush toy. Its dull eyes are so adorable!

While the belly is fluffy to the touch, the green part has a scaly, floppy texture, in keeping with the texture of the game's world.

The mega-size version has a zipper opening on the back, so it could be used as a small accessory box.

1/1 Scale Wingman

1/1scale wingman
funglr Games

The " Wingman " is now a 1/1 scale model gun!

It can be transformed and reloaded.

6 inch figure

funglr Games
Pathfinder/Void Walker/Reference Works
funglr Games
funglr Games
funglr Games

The reproducibility of this model is breathtaking!

There are 25 movable parts in total, so you can make the figure take any pose you like.

New Products

funglr Games
Raven's Bite (Bloodhound Super Legend)
funglr Games
Kunei (Super Legend of Wraith)
funglr Games

This is a new product to be developed in the future.

This is a hobby product for children, and is intended to be enjoyed as an imitation without any particular gimmicks.

The three types that will be released in Japan are "Peacekeeper," "Raven's Bite (Bloodhound's Super Legend)," and "Kunai (Wraith's Super Legend).

クナイ(レイスのスーパーレジェンド)funglr Games

The size is like this. They are relatively lightweight, so you can easily pick them up and play with them.

They are good for decoration, or to hold in your hands and dream about the world of the game!

And more to come!

funglr Games
Supply Box
funglr Games
APEX LEGENDS パスファインダーズ・クエスト
APEX LEGENDS Pathfinder's Quest
funglr Games

A wide range of products!

Apex Legends
funglr Games

What do you think?
There are a lot of items that allow you to enjoy the world of Apex Legends in your daily life!

If you are interested, please check out the official website of " INFOLENS GEEK SHOP "!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

32468TGS2021に「INFOLENS GEEK SHOP」が出展!展示レポート「Apex Legends」編
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