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Furniture manufacturer "IKEA" was exhibiting at TGS 2021 for some reason, so it was amazing to take a peek


It is in our nature as gamers to become curious about what kind of products are available just by the sound of "Gaming 00".
The year 2020 was also a year in which gaming chairs and gaming desks rapidly became popular due to the demand for telecommuting and nest eggs caused by the spread of the new coronavirus.
In April 2021, IKEA, a home furnishing company from Sweden, entered the gaming market with a bang!
This time, we visited the booth of IKEA Japan, which was unique among the companies exhibiting at the offline venue of TGS!

IKEA proudly entered the gaming market!

IKEA, which has teamed up with ASUS' well-known gaming brand, ROG, has been a major player in the gaming market for some time now.


The six series are available.
In particular, the "HUVUDSPELARE" gaming chair, priced at 4,999 yen including tax, has made an impact on many gamers.

A game room based on black and white tones!

Game room unified by IKEA and ROG products
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The IKEA Japan booth stood out from the crowd at the TGS offline venue.
The main attractions were the new GRUPPSPEL gaming chair and the UPPSPEL gaming desk with elevating function!

The GRUPPSPEL gaming chair will be available in black and white polyester and black leather in January 2022, and we were able to experience it before it goes on sale at the TGS offline venue!

Many adjustable points! Experience the GRUPPSPEL gaming chair!

GRUPPSPEL/グルッスペル ゲーム用チェア
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One of the features of the GRUPPSPEL gaming chair is that it can be adjusted in many ways.

  • Neck: forward, backward, left, right, height
  • Back: height
  • Armrests: forward, backward, left and right tilt, height
  • Seat: height

The seat: height, back: forward/backward, left/right tilt, and height.
In spite of this, there are almost no levers or buttons, so you can operate it nonstressfully!

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There are no levers for reclining, and the chair falls down naturally just by leaning on it.
It may be a little scary until you get used to it...

UPPSPEL gaming desk with elevating function

UPPSPEL/ウップスペル ゲーム用デスク
UPPSPEL Game desk
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Displayed with the GRUPPSPEL gaming chair is the UPPSPEL gaming desk with an elevating function.
The height can be changed by operating a remote control.

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Lower it to a height that even small children can use, and raise it to a height that allows standing PCs.
This feature is recommended for those who want to stimulate their sedentary desk work.

Height can be changed with simple operation
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The remote control displays the height digitally and can also memorize the height in four different ways!
It is convenient and helpful to be able to adjust the height with a single push according to the person using it and the purpose of use.

ROG products look great
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The width is a generous 180 cm, which is enough to accommodate an ultra-wide monitor!
There is also a 140cm type at a different price, so you can choose the one that best suits your room.

Wiring is the enemy of gamers
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Pockets on the back allow you to store your monitor and PC wiring in one place!

The UPPSPEL gaming desk with elevating function is available for purchase from the official IKEA website.

Expect more new products in the future!

The white version of the desk will fit in any room.
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In conjunction with the exhibition, a present campaign is being held on the official IKEA Japan Twitter page!
Three winners will be selected by drawing from among those who follow and tweet about the campaign, and will win a "MATCHSPEL" gaming chair!

ASUS"ROG Falchion"
ASUS "ROG Falchion
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The IKEA Japan booth also displayed ASUS's ROG products and showed off the total coordination that is the strength of a major furniture manufacturer.
IKEA gaming furniture is perfect for those who are worried that gaming furniture doesn't match the atmosphere of their rooms, and IKEA is planning to further expand its gaming furniture lineup in the future!
Please check the official IKEA website for more details and the latest information on each product.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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