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Hypergryph's new RPG "Exastris" will be exhibited at TGS2021! The exhibition that expressed the world view of the game was amazing


Hypergryph 's new iOS/Android game " Ex-Astris " will be exhibited at " Tokyo Game Show 2021 ".

Hypergryph ", the developer of " Ark Knights ", a tower defense battle game with a profound worldview and a variety of characters, is a game development company established in 2017 in Shanghai, China.

The game, currently in development, is "Hypergryph's" first buy-out smartphone game.

With its beautiful graphics and mysterious worldview, this game is already a hot topic of conversation.

Graphics posted everywhere in the exhibition hall

funglr Games

Exhibition booths

ブース 企業ロゴ
ブース全体図funglr Games

The booth located near the entrance of the venue.

The large Hypergryph logo is eye-catching.

看板funglr Games

Girls who seem to be the main characters.

In addition to the two announced girls, there are four allied characters whose designs are currently in progress.

ブースfunglr Games

An exhibit representing the world view.

The setting of this work is space and the alien civilizations that exist there, and there were elements that gave a sense of the story everywhere.

乗り物funglr Games

A vehicle that appears in the film.

The characters that appear in the film are designed as " alien characters " using the language of the real world and ancient letters.

What do the letters engraved on the body say?

試乗funglr Games

It is said to be almost full-size, but it is impressive!

The ride was similar to that of a super sports bike.

謎のオブジェクトfunglr Games

A group of somewhat decadent and mysterious objects.

The metal objects are also inscribed with what appear to be alien characters.

3D turn-based RPG

Ex-Astris" teaser PV

First gameplay video of "Ex-Astris

The battle system is based on turn-based battles and incorporates real-time operations.

The scenario structure is based on the image of a road movie, and the story is basically about a journey, with the story unfolding along multiple chapters.

The booth was a representation of the world of the story, and there were many things to see, such as the "alien characters" and details of unique objects seen throughout the booth, which showed the company's dedication and enthusiasm for the world view!

For more information about the game, please visit the official page of " Ex-Astris "!


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HyperGryph, known for the Arc Knights, announces the new RPG "Ex Astris" for smartphones!
HyperGryph, known for the Arc Knights, announces the new RPG "Ex Astris" for sma...

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