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TGS2021 Hiroshima City University Encounters the possibility of VR walking device "Movere Crus" at offline venue

TGS2021「広島市立大学」オフライン会場でVR歩行装置「Movere Crus」の可能性に出会う

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online" (TGS2021 Online) was held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday).

Hiroshima City University " also exhibited at this event, and the VR walking device "Movere Crus " was displayed at the offline venue.

We had a chance to experience the power of this product, which is developed and sold by " Movere," a start-up company that originated from Hiroshima City University.

Hiroshima City University x Movere
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Experience the "Movere Crus" VR walking device

Trial of "Movere Crus". The character on the front monitor moves in tandem with the footsteps.
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"体験スペース
"Movere Crus" test play. On a neighboring table, visitors can walk around in the "Cluster" VR space.
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"体験スペース
The stand dedicated to "Movere Crus" is compact but stable enough.
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"体験スペース
Designed to fit the legs of the "Movere Crus" and to allow the user to rest his/her body on the side without worry.
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The VR walking device " Movere C rus" is a sensor device that detects the load by pressing the thigh against a cushion with a built-in pressure sensor and inputs it as a walking operation (customizable key assignment).

Since the input of this product is compatible with SteamVR, it is possible to perform movement operations with many VR contents. At the venue, visitors were able to experience the virtual SNS "cluster" in the environment of a VR headset and this product.

The pressure-sensitive sensor took some getting used to, but the sensation of being able to move and change direction with a footstep similar to that of an actual walk was interesting.

In addition, the fact that the user can leave the device by simply leaning forward or stopping stepping on the device is an advantage over other stationary devices that require the user to step down from a scaffold.

In addition, the Virtuix Omni series and the KAT WALK series of VR walkers have solved the problems of size, weight, and cost.

The system on display at the exhibition was configured with scaffolding and stands (sold separately), but even in this state it is heavy enough to be carried and moved, which has the advantage of making it easy to clean up and clean when it is not in use.

However, more than that, this product is unique in that it can be used only with the sensor device part on the top if it is mounted on a desk. This desk-mounted state is the true essence of this product.

Basically, the desk is installed at the height of the user's body. This product can be used in a very compact space that matches the environment of the individual's room and does not occupy the floor, a feature that makes us feel the possibility of introducing VR walking equipment, which is a hurdle to overcome, to ordinary households.

In fact, it is difficult for ordinary households that also use their living rooms as VR rooms, or more specifically, for the author's room, which is too small to accommodate a futon if a chair is purchased. For this reason, this product's approach to the size problem of the walking device is impressive.

Movere Crus" is available in a variety of colors, and the exhibit includes a clear version with the base visible.

VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"
Movere Crus" main unit and dedicated stand. It weighs about as much as a heavy chair, making it easy to move around.
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"
Movere Crus" water-transparent color allows you to see the interior perfectly. Cool!
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"
Cushion with "Movere Crus" sensor. Sufficient thickness so you don't feel like you're bottoming out.
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VR歩行装置"Movere Crus"
Movere Crus" is a simple foothold. Lightweight, but not unstable structure.
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In fact, this product is available in a wide variety of colors.

According to the product description on the official website, four types are available: water-transparent , red, sky-blue, and wakagusa translucent.

The appearance of the internal circuit board and sensors somehow raised the tension of the author, and in fact, it is an advantage for developers to be able to easily check the internal operation.
The fact that the opaque color specifications were actually displayed when there was no need to show the contents suggests that the product is already at the stage where it is expected to be used in actual events.

The development of this product was motivated not only for home-use games and amusements, but also by the hope that elderly people who have lost their physical strength to go outside will enjoy it as a device that allows them to walk around in their rooms.

In the words of Mr. Wataru Wakita, the creator of this product and a lecturer at the University of Tokyo, "I hope it will be effective for rehabilitation," and I felt the expansion of possibilities and the future of VR, which is not limited to games as a new technology.

For the realization of such a future, I would like to see further variations of the exterior that can be accepted by a wide range of ages. Given its desk-mounted specifications, I wonder if a wood-grain finish will also be available at ...... in the future?

Evaluation version of "Movere Crus" is now on sale!

This product is currently available as an evaluation version for developers for 99,800 yen for the main unit and 39,800 yen for the dedicated stand (both including tax and shipping ), but further improvements are planned.

In particular, they are currently working on improving the calibration technology to adapt the operating feel to the user's physique and habits.

During the hands-on experience, we were somewhat concerned about the difficulty of adjusting the input, due in part to unfamiliarity with the operation, but it seems that this is just an area that can be adjusted in the settings.

Since immersion is an important element of VR, we have high expectations for the update policy that tries to respond to the senses of individual users who seek a natural feeling of operation.

If you are interested in VR gadgets, check out the official " Movere " website for more details!

And if you are interested in VR development, please visit the official website of " Hiroshima City University " for more information!


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