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You can taste the hunter feeling! I rode Monhan's "life-size Otomo Gark" at the TGS2021 Capcom booth!


The character "Otomogaruku& " from "Monster Hunter Rise" was on display at the Capcom booth at the "Tokyo Game Show 2021" (TGS 2021), which was held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday). quot; characters from "Monster Hunter Rise" were on display at the "Capcom" booth at "TGS2021"!
This time, the character was life-size!
I was able to ride on the otomogaluku, so I will report on how it went!

Meet Otomogaruku!

Bigger than I thought!
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I was greeted not by a big fluffy ...... but by Otomogaruku !
It has a solid body, as if it is carrying a hunter who has fought many battles in the past. The modeling of the equipment is also very elaborate, and I felt that it is a very complete otomogaruku.
I was so happy to be able to freely touch this big, handsome otomogaluk.... I envy hunters...

I decided to try a ride right away!

The powerful otomogaluku!
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Well, the first thing the author thought when he actually got on ...... Otomogaluk , it's bigger than I thought!
It was a little scary and exciting to think that I would be running around the world at this height of my gaze....
If I fell off this otomogaluk, I would be in a lot of trouble.... If I were a hunter, I felt that it would be important to train and build trust so that I wouldn't get shaken off....
For those of you out there who are getting used to the quests and have less and less contact with Otomogaruku. Please go back to the basics once in a while and take care of your Otomos.

TGS2021: An experience that put me in the world of games.

TGS2021 commemorative goodsfunglr Games編集部

That's my report on the Otomogaruku ride!
Monster Hunter Rise for Steam and Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break, a huge expansion, were also announced, and the Monster Hunter fever doesn't seem to be cooling down anytime soon!
There were also other TGS commemorative goods on display at the Capcom booth!
If you are interested in these goods, please check out Capcom's official store "eCapcom "!


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