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Fusion of real sports and e-sports!? Professional eSports Team "TEQWING e-Sports" Holds Apex Legends Tournament "ReSCUP"!

リアルスポーツとeスポーツの融合!?プロeスポーツチーム「TEQWING e-Sports」がApex Legendsの大会「ReSCUP」を開催!

TEQWING e-Sports, a professional e-sports team, has announced that the Apex Legends tournament, ReSCUP, will be held on Friday, June 3, 2022!
ReSCUP is a tournament that combines real sports and e-sports, and will feature not only professional gamers and streamers who are active in e-sports, but also athletes who are active in real life.

What is ReSCUP?

Tournament Outline

RaSCUP is a tournament themed on the fusion of real sports and e-sports, where B-Leaguers, V-Leaguers, and other " athletes " team up with VTubers, streamers, and pro-gamers to compete in Apex Legends. Apex Legends.
More than 20 professional athletes will participate in ReSCUP, which is unprecedented for an e-sports event.

List of Contestants

出場者一覧 List of Contestants PR TIMES
  • Riba Domura (musician), Mutsume Busutome (Vtuber), Kenji Hirugi (professional basketball player)
  • Makio (streamer), Aki Hinano (Vtuber), Tsubasa Kurihara (professional basketball player)
  • Black Light Turtle (Vtuber), Yoru Nekozaki (Vtuber), Jotaro Mitsuda (professional basketball player)
  • Tomorou (Vtuber, professional gamer), Iyo Onigami (Vtuber), Yudai Maemura (professional basketball player)
  • Bunta Warasa(Vtuber), Murayuki(Vtuber), Takaaki Kida(Professional Basketball Player)
  • Raijin Habui (Vtuber), Tanako Masuyama (Vtuber), Satoru Komazawa (Professional Basketball Player)
  • Witch Dali Sweet (Vtuber), Ryauka Ryomoto (Vtuber), Keishi Oikawa (professional 3X3 player)
  • Ulka Tobusei (Vtuber), Shiroganeshion (Vtuber), Hisashi Dashiruba (professional basketball player)
  • Reine Yozakura (Vtuber), Kirin Hoshigai (Vtuber), Ayumi Yamanashi (professional basketball player)
  • Maleka Teruki (Vtuber), Lux (Vtuber), Yasumaki Miyakoshi (professional basketball player)
  • Tottoro Akagi(Vtuber), Hiroya Gu(professional volleyball player), Kaissei Hirai(professional volleyball player)
  • Yukika Hiroya (Vtuber), Ayaka Sukome (Vtuber), Yurina Watanabe (basketball player)
  • Teru (Vtuber), Tanu Watayo (Vtuber), Makoto Nishimura (professional volleyball player)
  • Nei Tsukisaki (Vtuber), Kohei Yanagisawa (professional volleyball player), Taichi Fukuyama (professional volleyball player)
  • Mikoto Natsuki (Vtuber), Kelp Hidaka (Vtuber), Hisashi Kawamitsu (professional basketball player)
  • Panma 1938 (Vtuber), Yasuchi Tsujiguchi (former professional volleyball player), Kaiju Hojo (professional basketball player)
  • Ayumu Mitsuba (Vtuber), Nagine Mochigarabara (Vtuber), Kotaro Hisaoka (professional basketball player)
  • Shirano (Vtuber), Mikane Haruhara (Vtuber), Daisumu Terasawa (professional basketball player)
  • Riyo Yatsuki (Vtuber), Riya Shigure (Vtuber), Takumi Furuno (professional basketball player)
  • Zarlox (professional gamer), Rossoful (professional gamer)

RaSCUP will begin broadcasting on Friday, June 3 at 20:00!

実況/Yut 解説/こんちゃん
Live Commentary/Yut Commentary/Kon-chan

RaSCUP will start broadcasting on June 3, 2022 at 20:00 on TEQWING's YouTube!
YuT (@rpg_yut), a caster division member of Radical Pop Gaming, will provide live commentary, and Kon-chan (@Kontyan_115), also of Radical Pop Gaming and the new coach of the APEX division, will provide commentary. Kon-chan (@Kontyan_115), also from Radical Pop Gaming and a new coach in the APEX division, will provide commentary.
In addition, the winning team will receive a 30,000 yen Amazon gift certificate and a crystal trophy as an extra prize!

Crystal Trophy

ReSCUP is a gathering of athletes and streamers, and this will be a great opportunity to get to know and like some of them for the first time!
Information about this tournament will be posted on the official TEQWING e-Sports Twitter, so be sure to follow them so you don't miss out!


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