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Details of the final tournament of "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" total prize money of 50 million yen are finally announced!

賞金総額5000万円「TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019」決勝大会の詳細が遂に発表!

GungHo x Capcom's Ultimate Card Battle " TEPPEN
The official world tournament "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" sponsored by Amazon was announced at the same time as the service was launched in Japan in August. With a total prize money of 50 million yen, it is still fresh in our memories that the e-sports industry was shaken.
Qualifying tournaments have been held all over the world, and in Japan, the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019&" was held on November 23 at "RAGE 2019 Winter powered by SHARP", one of the largest e-sports events in Japan. The three Japanese representatives were chosen at the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" Japan Representative Round" held at "RAGE 2019 Winter powered by SHARP", the largest e-sports event in Japan.
Now that all the regional representatives have been chosen, the details of the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" finals have finally been announced!

The final will be held on December 21 at the Tokyo International Forum!


"TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" finals will be held on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at the Tokyo International Forum, Hall B7!
Tokyo International Forum B7 Hall is a large hall that can accommodate more than 1,000 people, so it is sure to be a very exciting day!

MC: Shozo Endo (Cocorico)

TEPPEN Shozo Endo (Cocolico)

Shozo Endo of the popular comedy duo "Cocorico" from Yoshimoto Kogyo will be the MC for the day!

Guest: Yuka Kuramochi

Yuka Kuramochi

Yuka Ku ramochi, a gravure idol, TV personality, actress, and pro-gamer who recently announced her marriage to pro-gamer Fudo, will appear as a guest. She will liven up the tournament!

The event is free of charge and visitors will also receive three special prizes: the real promotion card "Rio Leus", the secret card "Ryu", and the Legendary secret card "Relic of Super Civilization: X"! The tournament will be open to the public.
Please note that you need to pre-register on the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 special website in order to watch the tournament.
Even if you can't make it to the venue on the day of the event, you will be able to watch the exciting competition live on Twitter and YouTube!

Pre-entry is required for priority admission, and pre-entry is not required for spectating.

"TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" Final Competition
Date and Time Saturday, December 21, 2019
Priority Admission: doors open at 12:00
General Admission: Doors open at 12:30 / Concert begins at 13:00
Venue Tokyo International Forum, Hall B7
MC / Guest MC: Shozo Endo, Cocolico
Guest: Yuka Kuramochi
Guests: Yuka Kuramochi
Contestants Host Region: 3 representatives from Japan (tarakoman, Taiga, Hayakeo♡jp)
America Region 3 players (Ryuzu, Yoyolon, Water)
EU Region 3 players (RyudoSensei, K4or, HarambeBae)
Asia Pacific Region: 3 players (Taiwan's last guardian, Ade, max005)
Total 12 players
Prize Money Breakdown 1st place: 30 million yen
2nd place: 10 million yen
3rd place: 5 million yen
4th place: 2 million yen
5th to 8th place: 550,000 yen
9th to 12th place: 200,000 yen
Admission Fee Free of charge
Visitor Privileges 1) Real promotion card "Rio Leus
2) Secret card "Ryu
(3) Legendary Secret Card "Relic of Super Civilization X
The number of the cards in (1) is limited.
The cards (2) and (3) will be handed out by reading the QR code.
Please remember to bring your device with "TEPPEN" installed.
Special Site https://teppenthegame.com/jp/e-sports/2019/world-championship/
Distribution URL Twitter: https: //twitter.com/PlayTEPPEN_ASIA
YouTube: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF6BMPnTjvk

Comments from the three Japanese representatives


The three winners of the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" Japan Representative Match held on November 23rd are tarakoman, runner-up Taiga, and third place Hayakeo♡jp.
As representatives of Japan, the three players will be issued with the right to participate in the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" finals as well as a JeSU-certified professional license, making them new professional gamers.
We would like to introduce the three players who answered our questions in an interview after their matches in the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" Japan representative round.

Q:How do you feel after the match?

tarakoman: "I didn't think I would make it this far, so I'm really happy.
Taiga: "I don't really feel like a pro gamer yet, but I'm going to enjoy it.
Hayakeo♡jp: "It was a battle that any of the 16 players could have won, and I was always nervous, but I'm happy to have won."

Q:If you win, what will you do with the prize money?

tarakoman "10,000 yen is a lot of money. If I win, I'll go out for a nice meal first."
Taiga: "I want to treat the people who have helped me."
Hayakeo♡jp "I want to go on a world trip with my family."

Q:How do you feel about the finals?

tarakoman: "I want to do my best to make up for all the people I've lost to so far! "
Taiga: "Second place in Japan is a miracle, so I want to make a miracle in the world championship! "
Hayakeo♡jp "As a representative of Japan, I want to win with confidence! "

Who will win the title of the world's strongest?

TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019", the first official world tournament in TEPPEN.
The three representatives of the host region, Japan, will be competing, and who will be the first World Champion? It's going to be a tournament you won't want to take your eyes off of!
For more information, please visit the official "TEPPEN" website and the "TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019" special website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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Certified in only 3 months after release! JeSU adds "TEPPEN" to the certified title!
Certified in only 3 months after release! JeSU adds "TEPPEN" to the certified ti...

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