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Esports tournament hosted by mobile phone shop "Telluri" will be held!


Tellurium, a cell phone store operating mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, has announced that it will hold two e-sports tournaments, " Tellurium eSports2021feat. The titles of this year's event are "PUBG MOBILE" and "TELL eSports 2021 feat.

The titles of this year's event are "PUBG MOBILE" and "FORTNITE"!

This will be the second e-sports tournament hosted by the cell phone store "Tellulu".
In addition to " PUBG MOBILE," which was used in the first event, " FORTNITE " will be newly added to the list of titles used in this year's event.
Not only solo, but also duo and squad competitions will be added to the content of the event.
You can aim for supremacy alone or engage in friendly competition with your friends. You can enter according to your own style of play.

Online participation for the tournament

On the day of the tournament, players will be able to participate online from their homes.
The tournament will be streamed in real-time on the Tellurium YouTube channel!
Those living in rural areas who have never participated in a tournament before because they are too far away can easily participate in the tournament online.

For more details on the tournament outline and entry method, please wait for further information!

This is just an announcement that an e-sports tournament will be held, but more details will be announced on the official Tellurium website as they become available.
We'll be waiting for more information as we hone our skills in the run-up to the tournament!


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