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Holding approach! Tekken 7 online tournament "CELLPROCUP Online" The performers of the live commentary on the day of the tournament are decided!

開催迫る!鉄拳7オンライン大会「CELLPROCUP Online」大会当日の実況解説の出演者が決定!

Bandai Namco's 3D fighting game " Tekken 7
The Steam version of "Tekken 7" 2 on 2 online tournament "CELLPRO CUP Online" will be held on February 13, 2021 (Saturday), and as reported on funglr Games the other day, the entry period has started. The competition is so popular that it reached its maximum capacity in just one week.
With the scarcity of both offline and online tournaments these days, everyone wants to play against each other!
With the "CELLPROCUP Online" coming up this weekend, the commentators for the event have been announced!

「鉄拳7」賞金制2on2オープン大会「CELLPRO CUP Online」開催決定!エントリー受付中!

Four commentators will provide live commentary for the tournament!

CELLPROCUP Online" will feature four commentators who will provide live commentary on the day of the tournament.
First, on Monday, February 1, 2021, Mr. Furumizu(@furumizu1987) and Mr. Fukushi will appear as they did in the previous tournament, as already announced!

And on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the final announcement will be made that Yuu(@Yuu_Norespect) from TeamYAMASA and Jyotaro (@Jyotaro0120) from EQNX, both of whom hold professional licenses for Tekken 7, will appear!
It will be a great opportunity to watch the matches from a professional's point of view and get an even deeper perspective.

February 13th, 11am start!

The 128 entries from 64 teams have been filled, and the play-by-play commentator for the day has also been decided. The list of teams for the day has also been released!
In this tournament, the team representatives will be fixed as the spearheads, and the team members will be fixed as the second spearheads. The rules for this tournament will be fixed, so now that the team list has been made public, we can think about what to do before the day of the tournament.
Now all we can do is wait for the tournament table to be released and the day of the tournament!

"CELLPROCUP Online" will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021, starting at 11:00am! The event will be broadcasted online, and the URL will be announced on the official CELLPRO CUP Twitter(@CellproCup) as soon as it is decided, so don't forget to follow us and check it out!
Don't miss the moment of the fierce battle to see what kind of hot competition will unfold!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

46160開催迫る!鉄拳7オンライン大会「CELLPROCUP Online」大会当日の実況解説の出演者が決定!
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