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Holiday! "Tekken 7" celebrates its 5th anniversary & sales exceed 9 million units > "TEKKEN World Tour 2022" will be held!

祝!「鉄拳7」が5周年&販売本数900万突破&「TEKKEN World Tour 2022」の開催決定!

Tekken 7 ", the gold standard of 3D fighting games on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam
Tekken 7 is a 3D fighting game that has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, and is a milestone in 3D fighting games.
On June 1, 2022 (Wednesday), "Tekken 7" will celebrate its 5th anniversary! Congratulations!
Our rival and ally, Sega's "Virtua Fighter esports" will also celebrate its first anniversary on June 1, 2022 (Wednesday), and on June 1, which is the anniversary of both games, we will be holding an event to commemorate the launch of the " Virtua Fighter esports" game announced in March. The "Tekken 7" collaboration pack was also released on June 1, the first anniversary of the two titles, and it was announced that "Tekken 7" has sold over 9 million units worldwide!

3D格ゲーの二大巨頭が奇跡の共演!「VIRTUA FIGHTER esports」×「鉄拳7」コラボ発表!

A special illustration was released to commemorate the 9 millionth unit sold!

Newly drawn special illustration

Tekken 7" has sold more than 9 million units worldwide, the highest ever for a numbered title in the series !
In the five years since its release, the game has been played all over the world, with offline and online tournaments taking place, and the number of new players continuing to increase.
To commemorate the 9 millionth unit sold, a special illustration by illustrator jbstyle.(@jbstyle222) was released to thank all the players who make the "Tekken 7" community thrive !
Let's keep the excitement going with "Tekken 7" as we aim for the 6th anniversary and 10 millionth unit sales!
And if you are interested in starting a new "Tekken 7" game, please check the official website!

TEKKEN World Tour 2022" is coming!

The most exciting tournament for "Tekken 7," which has reached its 5th anniversary and entered its 6th year, is coming soon.
The " TEKKEN World Tour 2022," an e-sports tournament sponsored by Namco Bandai, will be held in Florida on Friday, June 24, 2022, starting with the large-scale fighting game tournament "CEO2022.

TEKKEN World Tour 2022
TEKKEN World Tour 2022

The TEKKEN World Tour is the most prestigious tournament circuit in the Tekken 7 eSports scene. The tournament is the most prestigious tournament circuit in the "Tekken 7" e-sports scene.
In 2020 and 2021, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the "TEKKEN Online Challenge" was held exclusively online, but this year the "TEKKEN World Tour" brand will return for the first time in three years. This year, the "TEKKEN World Tour" brand will be revived for the first time in three years.
This year, the TEKKEN World Tour will be held in 16 regions around the world. This year, the TEKKEN World Tour will be held in 16 regions around the world.
The top players on the leaderboard in each region will advance to the Regional Finals and compete for the right to participate in the Global Finals scheduled to be held in early 2023.

TEKKEN World Tour 2022 スケジュール
TEKKEN World Tour 2022 Schedule

Prior to the start of the TEKKEN World Tour, the TEKKEN Esports Tournament Portal will begin accepting Dojo Tournament applications in late June 2022.
If you meet the prescribed tournament regulations and receive approval from the management, you will be able to earn TEKKEN World Tour 2022 ranking points based on the number of entrants, even in small community tournaments.
More details will be released soon, so be sure to check the official TEKKEN World Tour 2022 website, theTEKKEN Esports Tournament Portal, and the official Tekken 7 @ Tekken Project Twitter (@TEKKEN_Project ) for more information! Check it out!


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46160祝!「鉄拳7」が5周年&販売本数900万突破&「TEKKEN World Tour 2022」の開催決定!
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