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Battle with "AI Small" with the game center version of "Taiko no Tatsujin"! "AI Small Battle Play" mode is starting Don!


Namco Bandai Amusement Inc. has launched a new mode in the arcade version of " Taiko Drum Master " from December 16, 2021 (Thu) to June 20, 2022 (Mon), in which players can battle with " AI Koushin"," which replicates the skills of Taiko Drum Master's 20th anniversary ambassador, Mr. Koushin of Akusei Maroufuri. quot; which reproduces the skills of Taiko Drum Master's 20th anniversary ambassador, Akusei Shimotsuki.

AI Battle Performance" mode!

AI Kohin Battle Performance Screen

AI Battle Performance " mode is a mode in which you can compete with "AI AI", which reproduces the skill of Mr. Kohin, in multiple sections of a single song, just like in the regular "AI Battle Performance" mode. If you play along with the song at the right time, you gain the upper hand, and your on-screen character pushes your opponent. The winner of the battle is the player who has more wins in a segment.

AI粗品バトル リザルト画面
Result Screen

Rewards" are given according to the number of victories!


If you win a battle against an "AI Coarse" using a Banner Passport card, you will receive a " Coarse" for winning one segment, and if you win all five segments, you will receive an " AI Coarse " Petit-chara.

Twitter Campaign to win goods autographed by "AI Kohin"!

AI粗品 TwitterキャンペーンPR TIMES

During the period of December 22, 2021 (Wed) to January 23, 2022 (Sun), 100 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who play "AI Coarse Battle Performance" and post a photo of the result screen on Twitter with the hashtag " #AI Coarse Battle Performance ". Mr. Kusakyu's autographed acrylic keychain!
Take this opportunity to visit the game center!

No matter if you win or lose the battle with AI Coarse.

Collaboration PV is now on view!

BNAM Official] Taiko Drum Master for Game Center version: Collaboration PV with AI Kohin (Myojo Shimobori)


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