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"SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JAPAN TOUR" will be held where fierce battles will be fought for participation in the final tournament!

決勝大会への参加権をかけて激戦が繰り広げられる「SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JAPAN TOUR」開催!

SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP " to be held in Tokyo in March 2020
It was announced that qualifiers would be held around the world before the finals, but the details were to be announced at a later date.
However! The details of the "SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JAPAN TOUR" (hereafter referred to as "SWC JAPAN TOUR") in Japan have now been announced!

賞金総額1,000万円以上!令サムとKOF XIVの世界一を決める「SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP」開催決定!

First of all, win the qualifying tournaments in each region!

In order to advance to the "SWC JAPAN TOUR", you must first place high in the qualifying tournaments held around Japan.
The following e-sports events have been approved as "SWC JAPAN TOUR" qualifiers! Don't forget to check the list below, as the number of "SWC JAPAN TOUR" spots differs from event to event!

KOFes 2019
Dates. October 12 - 13, 2019
Place of the event Tokyo(Onoden main store in front of Akihabara station 5F event space Entas)
Title/number of slots SAMURAI SPIRITS" x 2
KOF XIV" x 2 slots
Event official website http://buttonmashers-game.com/kofes2019/
Dates October 25 - 27, 2019
Venue Osaka (Chayamachi Plaza Stage, 1F, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Title/No. of Contestants SAMURAI SPIRITS" x 2 slots
Event official website https://www.mbs.jp/yubiwazacup/
Urada Kamilaku Festival
Dates November 16 - 17, 2019
Place of the event Kyoto(Toei Kyoto Movie Village)
Title / Number of slots SAMURAI SPIRITS" x 1 slot
Event Official Website http://www.joraku-matsuri.com/
Entry is scheduled to start in mid-October.

Additional eligible tournaments will be added in addition to those listed above, so don't forget to check the trends!

Japan finals by the top players of each title!

The top 8 players from each title who have won the qualifiers will advance to the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals to be held in February 2020.
The winners of the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals will earn the right to participate in the "SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" to be held in March 2020!

Dates February 29, 2020 (Saturday)
Location Tokyo, Japan
Number of Contestants 8 players from the "SAMURAI SPIRITS" tournament
KOF XIV" tournament: 8 players
Event Official Website https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/swc/swcjt/

Check the notes!

There are precautions for the preliminary and final tournaments.
Those who wish to participate should be sure to read and agree to the precautions before applying for participation.

Preliminary Competitions

  • The rules for the preliminary tournaments will be in accordance with the rules set by the organizer of the tournament.
  • Only those residing in Japan are eligible to participate in the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals.
  • If a player who has qualified for the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals in the preliminary rounds has already qualified for the "SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" finals or the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals, the right to participate in the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" finals will be given to the next ranked player. The right to participate in the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" final will be transferred to the next ranked player.
  • If a player who has qualified for the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" Final later qualifies for the "SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" Final, the SWC Secretariat will, at its discretion, transfer the "SWC JAPAN TOUR" final will be transferred to another qualifying tournament or another player at the discretion of the SWC office.

Final Tournament

  • In the event of a player's absence, the SWC Secretariat reserves the right to transfer the entry to another qualifier or another player at its discretion.
  • The SWC Secretariat will cover the travel expenses to the finals.

Personal Information

  • The SWC secretariat will use the information (personal information, photographs and videos) collected from the contestants for the purpose of organizing and publicizing the competition.

Who will be crowned the world's best!

Not only will the world's strongest players of SNK's two latest titles "SAMURAI SPIRITS" and "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV" be decided, but the total prize money will be over 1,000 yen. CHAMPIONSHIP" is expected to be a very exciting event with a total prize money of more than 1,000 yen.
The "SWC JAPAN TOUR" will determine who will represent Japan in the "SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" to be held in Japan on March 28 and 29, 2020, so it is inevitable that the competition will be hot!

For more details, please check the official website of SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!


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