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Entry is now accepted! "High School Students Only" Esports Event STAGE:0 GAME PARTY "Online!

エントリー受付中!〝高校生限定〟eスポーツイベント「STAGE:0 GAME PARTY」オンライン開催!

With the spread of e-sports, the number of students aiming to work in the e-sports industry or debut as a professional gamer is increasing, and there are many schools and organizations that support them in pursuit of their dreams!

In conjunction with the " Coca-Cola STAGE:0 eSPORTS High-School Championship 2021 " to be held this summer, we will be hosting the " STAGE:0 GAME PARTY ", an online event of the world's most popular online party game The Fall Guys " event will be held online!

All high school students are welcome to participate in this exciting summer of e-sports!

STAGE:0 GAME PARTY" key visual
STAGE:0(ステージゼロ)全国高校対抗eスポーツ大会 公式サイト

Coca-Cola STAGE:0 eSPORTS High-School Championship 2021 ", the largest high school eSports event in Japan, will be hosted by TV Tokyo Inc. and Dentsu Inc. The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout event will be held online.

The competition is open to all high school students, including those who have already entered STAGE:0 2021.
The top 40 participants from the preliminary rounds, plus "STAGE:0 2021" tournament ambassadors and influencers, will compete in the finals.


Event Schedule Preliminary Tournament:July 24 (Sat), July 25 (Sun) *No online/streaming
Finals:August 15 (Sunday) *Online/with distribution Immediately after the Fortnite Division Finals
Participants Applicants must be high school students, regular high school students, technical college students, or correspondence high school students residing in Japan.
The date of birth must be between April 2, 2003 and April 1, 2006.
Participation is possible even if you have already entered "STAGE:0 2021" under another title.
Eligible Devices PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Distribution media (tentative) Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Entry period is from Monday, June 7, 2021 to Friday, July 16, 2021 at 17: 00!
Entries are now being accepted on the official STAGE:0 website!

What is "STAGE:0", the largest high school e-sports festival in Japan?

STAGE:0 eSPORTS High-School Championship " is one of the largest high school e-sports competitions in Japan, which was established with the cooperation of various companies and organizations from all over Japan, aiming to develop e-sports competitions and produce Japanese players who will be active in the world.
Last year's "Coca-Cola STAGE:0 eSPORTS High-School Championship 2020" attracted 2,158 teams and 5,555 players from 1,779 high schools across Japan. The number of viewers on social networking services reached approximately 7.47 million, making it a very exciting event!

Scenes from the 2020 Games

STAGE:0(ステージゼロ)全国高校対抗eスポーツ大会 公式サイト

This year, the third annual competition, has a record number of entries from 1,960 schools, 2,234 teams, and 5,675 participants from all over the country, surpassing last year's number!
The block representative rounds began in June, and the best high school team in Japan will be decided at the finals held from August 12 (Thu.) to 15 (Sun.).
Which team will beat the strong schools from all over the country and win the title of Japan's best...!
You won't want to miss this tournament!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

34714エントリー受付中!〝高校生限定〟eスポーツイベント「STAGE:0 GAME PARTY」オンライン開催!
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