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New Liza life-size figure and Moe Iori co-star of a dream! Infiltrate the "Life-Size Liza Figure (Liza 2ver.) Unveiling Party"!


The " Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 ver.) unveiling event " reported recently on funglr Games was held at the Sofmap AKIBA4 Amusement Center.
Official cosplayer Moe Iori, who showed off her real Liza look at Tokyo Game Show 2020, appeared at the event in Liza 2 version cosplay!
Funglr Games went inside the event to see the life-size figure of the unveiled Liza 2 version!
We are proud to present you with the irresistible quality of the life-size Liza figure and the real Liza cosplay of M oe Iori!


Moe Iori in Liza cosplay!

Finally unveiled
funglr Games

The venue was the 8th floor event floor of Sofmap AKIBA No. 4 Amusement Center in Akihabara, Tokyo.
Behind the curtain, Liza was waiting to be unveiled.

(GIF video)The moment of
the unveilingfunglr Games

The curtain has been removed and Liza's new figure is finally unveiled!

funglr Games with a
more plump thigh

The figure is based on the character design from " Liza's Atelier 2: Lost Lore and Secret Fairy," which will be released on December 3, 2020.

Liza Atelier official cosplayer Moe Iori
funglr Games

Cosplayer Moe Iori also cosplayed in Liza's costume!
She also introduced some highlights of the Liza life-size figure.

Liza 2, which will be released on December 3, takes place three years after the previous game.
In fact, the hot pants Liza wears are the same as in the previous work.
She has been wearing them for so long that her hips are frayed and there are holes in them, and as her body has grown, the pants no longer fit her, so she has adjusted them to fit her.
The figure is made with great care to reproduce such detailed settings and parts that cannot be seen. Even the back of the figure has been recreated to show the frayed fabric.
Before the unveiling event began, I observed the figure licking around, and even her belly button was repro duced, even though it was hidden by her outfit.
There are also knee-highs on one side, but the toes are transparent and opalescent nail polish is also applied.
I'm sure the people who made this figure have a leg fetish.

Iori-san introducing the "Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 ver.)

At this event, the real Liza was standing next to me, so I made her pose similar to me.
Liza-chan stands on one leg and maintains a perfect balance, so I was careful not to bump into her.
It is a rare experience to take a picture with a figure of this size.

Liza-chan was like, " Thighs Burn! Boom! I really like the visual of Liza as a " energetic girl with thighs that go bang!
Liza's catchphrase is "an ordinary girl," but she is so attractive that I thought, "How can that be? but she is so attractive!
She has a surprisingly frank personality, so even though she is very revealing, she doesn't come across as obnoxious.
I think this gap is one of Liza's charms.
I can't wait to see what kind of story will unfold in Liza 2 with her friends from the previous work!

Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 ver.)

The originally planned appearance of Junzo Hosoi, producer of Liza 2, and Kaoru Sakaki, representative director and prototype sculptor of Wonderful Works, Inc.

Message from Kaoru Sakaki

We are just a few days away from the release of Liza's Atelier 2!
This time Liza has come back as an adult, three years after the last one.
We made a lot of improvements on the figure to make her look a little more mature than in the previous version, and we also made her cheeks and thighs more voluminous.
We also aimed to give her cheeks and thighs a more voluminous appearance as a figure.
Also, since she is posed standing on one leg, the way her jacket flutters has been made to move as well.
The jacket is also designed to give a sense of movement to the figure.
The jewelry on the cane has been painted with a transparent texture, and the gold ornaments have been painted with deep colors.
We also repeated trial and error to achieve a deep coloring of the gold ornaments.
Overall, we think the figure is very gorgeous. Please look forward to the life-size Liza figure!

Message from Junzo Hosoi

Last year, when I saw the life-size Liza figure produced by Wonderful Works for the first time
I remember how surprised I was when I saw the life-size Liza figure produced by Wonderful Works for the first time last year, and how high the quality was .
I remember how surprised I was when I first saw the life-size figure of Liza, and I was surprised at the high quality of the figure.
Iori's cosplay was also very good, and I remember being surprised at how high quality Liza actually was.
And Iori's cosplay continued to embody the real Liza, as she did last year!
I am very happy to see that she has more than enough of Liza's charm this time as well!
I am sorry I could not attend the unveiling. I wish I could have been there to photograph it.

The new life-size Liza is now on display at Sofmap!

The life-size Liza figure, which looks soft to the touch, especially the plumpness of her thighs, will be on display at the Sofmap AKIBA No. 4 Amusement Center until December 13 (Sun.), 2020.
When visiting, please remember to take precautions against infection and go with extreme caution.
For more information about the Sofmap AKIBA4 Amusement Center, please refer to the store information on the official Sofmap website.
Also, for Liza 2, which will go on sale on December 3, 2020 (Thursday), please visit the official "Liza's Atelier 2: Lost Lore and Secret Fairy" website!


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