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The theme is "Fighting King" SSB SP Online Challenge Round 2 From 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 17!

テーマは「格闘王」スマブラSP オンラインチャレンジ第2戦 7月17日(土)19時〜開催!

The " Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge " is an official online tournament for the Nintendo Switch software " Super Smash Bros.
The appeal of this easy-to-attend event is that everyone from Smash Bros. beginners to experienced players who want to test their skills can easily participate from the comfort of their own homes.
Continuing from last year, the " 2021 Online Challenge " will be held a total of five times in 2021, and the first round held on Saturday, June 5 was very exciting!

The second round will be held this weekend, Saturday, July 17, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.!

今年もオンラインでウデだめし!スマブラSP「2021 オンラインチャレンジ」第1戦が開催!

The theme of Round 2 is "The Road to the Fighting King"!

2021 オンラインチャレンジ 第2戦
2021 Online Challenge Round 2

The "Online Challenge" will be held in the form of a rating battle in which players will compete online as many times as possible to earn as many " tournament scores " as possible during the event time.
All participants will start with a score of 15,000, and their score will go up if they win and down if they lose. Score changes can be checked after each match.

The rules for Round 2 are "physical fitness system" x "endpoint stage".
To commemorate the entry of the new fighter " Kazuya," who was recently released, the theme for the second round will be "Let's go to the sea! Road to the Fighting King The theme of the second round was decided to be "KAZUYA".
The stage is a flat endpoint stage, just like a fighting game, and fighters will battle based on their physical strength!
No items or charge slashes! No items or charge slashes!


Fighting Rules


Players will be entered into a drawing for the "KOF Stadium," "Spring Stadium," and "Mishima Dojo" stages if they have purchased the corresponding additional content.
*The drawing will be conducted for each match from the stage list of one of the players.

How to Participate in a Matchup

Start "Smash Bros. SP" during the tournament period and select "Online" → "Super Smash Bros.


You can join or leave as many times as you like during the tournament time.
Internet connection and subscription to Nintendo Switch Online are required to participate in the tournament.
The tournament score will start at 15,000 and will increase or decrease depending on the winner of the match. However, the score may decrease due to circumstances such as intentional disconnection of communication by participants.
When participating in the tournament, "Overview," "Rules," and "Notes" will be displayed in the game, so please read them carefully before participating.

The top 100 players in the tournament and the top fighters will be listed in the rankings.

The top challengers whose scores are within the Top 100 of the tournament will have their player data posted on the official "Smash Bros SP" website at a later date. If you know your skills, this is your chance to show off your strength! You can also check it from within the game for a certain period of time.

2021 オンラインチャレンジ 第2戦
2021 Online Challenge Round 2

In addition to the Top 100 overall ranking, the No . 1 ranking for each fighter will also be posted this time! If you have difficulty in getting into the Top 100, but are confident in your play with this fighter, you can aim for this ranking!

2021 オンラインチャレンジ 第2戦
2021 Online Challenge Round 2

The ranking will be based on the fighters used the most by each player during the tournament period.
Zenigame / Fushigiso / Lizardon are all treated as Pokémon Trainers.
Homura and Hikari are treated as the same type of Fighter.
Homura and Hikari are treated as the same type of fighter, even if their names change when they change colors.
Mii fighters are divided into three types: Fighting, Swordsmanship, and Shooting. Please note that information such as face and costume will not be reflected.

The "Annual Ranking" will be posted after this tournament!

2021 オンラインチャレンジ 第2戦
2021 Online Challenge Round 2

In addition to the tournament ranking for Round 2, the " Annual Ranking " will be posted after this tournament!
The top 100 players with the total score of the two tournaments, Round 1 in June and Round 2 this time, will be listed on the website as the true top challengers.
The annual ranking will change from tournament to tournament and will be finalized after Round 5 in December. Those who remain in the Top 100 after all five rounds will receive a Top Challenger medal as a prize!

*The annual ranking will be calculated based on the total tournament scores earned in all online challenges held in 2021.
The player name and fighter listed in the annual ranking will be the one from the last online challenge you participated in.
If you change your Nintendo account, you will be treated as a different player in the annual ranking.
Medals will be delivered by mail. Medals will be sent by mail and must be shipped within Japan.

2021 オンラインチャレンジ 第2戦
2021 Online Challenge Round 2

The top 8 players in the annual ranking will be selected to participate in the " 2021 Online Challenge Championship " to be held at the end of the year or in January of the new year!
If you want to be at the top of the online world, you should aim to compete in this event as well. The tournament will be broadcast on YouTube Live and OPENREC.tv.

The next round will be held on Saturday, August 28!

"2021 Online Challenge Round 2: Road to the Fighting King" will be held this weekend, on Saturday, July 17, at 7:00 p.m.!
If you have the skills, you can aim to make the Top 100 of the annual ranking, and if you have just started recently, feel free to join us!

The next Round 3 will be held on Saturday, August 28th at 19:00! The theme is "Let's go to the sea". The theme will be "Let's go to the sea." We are looking forward to hearing more about this one!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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