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"SIREN" × "Nanja Town" collaboration will be held from July 15th! This summer, I entered another world in Nanja Town.


"No matter how you try, despair.SIREN," released by Sony Computer Entertainment (now Sony Interactive Entertainment) in 2003, is also famous for its catchphrase, "No matter what you do, despair."
The game is still one of the most popular horror games in the world today, even in 2022, with its unique system of " vision-jacking," about 10 playable characters, and a zapping storyline in which players attempt to escape from a village under the grip of terror.
SIREN" has announced a collaboration event with NAMHATOWN, an indoor theme park operated by Namco Bandai Amusement Co.

This year, the event will be held at NAMHATOWN...


SIREN in NAMJATOWN ", a collaboration event between "SIREN" and "NAMJATOWN", will be held from July 15 (Fri.) to August 21 (Sun.), 2022!
The town district of NAMJATOWN that recreates the streets of the Showa 30s and the town district that has been taken over by mononoke will be combined with the atmosphere of "SIREN," which is set in a fictional Japanese village, to bring the event to a climax!
Furthermore, photo spots and character panels will be set up throughout the park during the event period, bringing the horror of "SIREN" to NANJATOWN for the perfect summer event!

Collaboration Attraction

The event will be held in collaboration with "NAMJATOWN" (NAMJATOWN).

【終了条件 屍人の"写真"の入手。】
Fee: 1,200 yen per

This is a photo attraction where you can enjoy taking pictures with corpses(half-corpses ) using special newly shot images only at the venue.
The images of the wights will be combined with your reflection on the monitor in the photo booth, giving you the thrill of having your photo taken as if the wights were closing in on you.

End condition: Obtaining the archive.

Rally set/masks (6 types/ distributed at random) Fee: 1,200 yen/per

A rally game that takes visitors around the park, inspired by the " archive," an item used in the film to deepen understanding of the story .
After receiving a rally set at the reception desk, scan the QR code in the guidebook with your smartphone and use the hints in the guidebook to find the archives located throughout the park !
Take the designated archive photo and return to the starting point to receive one of the prizes!

Prize: Costume charm (total 15 kinds/ distributed at random)

Character Nail Prints

Nail prints Price: Set of 10 nails, 3,000 yen

From Wednesday, August 3, the day the characters in the movie " enter the other world," the day they wandered into the mysterious world, you can enjoy nail designs using the limited collaboration illustrations in the " Character Nail Prints " event!
Please note that this event will be held until August 15 (Monday ).
Also, from August 6 (Sat.), four more nail designs will be added to the total of nine nail designs.

Original goods! (Partially)

Illustration sheets (9 types/ distributed at random)

Original goods using the limited collaboration illustrations with cat ears and tails, named after Nanja Town, will be available for purchase!
For every 2,000 yen (including tax ) spent on "Siren" related items, one illustration sheet (total of 9 types distributed at random) will be given away!
In addition to the original goods sold at the venue, the Namco Parks Online Store will also sell items exclusive for online shopping!

Glitter Can Badge Collection (total 9 kinds)

Price: 550 yen per piece (randomly
distributed)PR TIMES

Acrylic stand (total 9+4 kinds)

1,500 yen per piece (4 types added on August 6 (Sat))

Tote bag

トートバッグPrice: 1,500 yen per piecePR TIMES

In-store sales only] Omikuji (total 4 kinds)

200 yen
per piecePR T


Online Store Limited] BIG acrylic panel (total 3 kinds)

25,000 yen each


Online Store Limited] Mini game "SIREN in NAMJATOWN Online Lottery".

A賞 アクリルキーホルダー(全9+4種)/B賞 名言チャーム(全15種)
Prize A: Acrylic key holder (total 9+4 kinds)/Prize B: Famous words charm (total 15 kinds) Price: 600 yen

The Internet-only products and online store-only mini-games will be available for purchase online from July 15, 2022 (Fri.) at 10:00 until August 22, 2022 (Mon.) at 23:59.
Other products will be on sale from Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at 10:00 to Monday, August 22, 2022 at 23:59.
Please note that the illustration sheet is a store purchase bonus and will not be included in the online store.
In addition, additional prizes for the "Online Lottery," which is exclusive to the online storefront, will be available from August 8, 2022 (Monday ).
You can either get the item you are looking for while the repertoire of prizes is still small, or aim for a complete set after all the prizes have appeared.
The lineup of prizes is as follows

  • Prize S: Tapestry (3 kinds in total) *Available from 8/8 (Mon.)
  • Prize A: Acrylic key holder (total 9 kinds*) *4 more kinds will be available from 8/8 (Mon.)
  • Prize B: Quotation charm (total 15 kinds)
  • Prize C: Crown can badge (total 15 kinds / distributed at random)

Original food and desserts will be available!

Hanyu Snake Soba

Fee: 1,200 yen (tax included)

Delicious red water! Cheese risotto style tomato soup

yen (tax included)PR TIMES

Parfait with Mana characters - under the moon oddball parfait!

yen (tax included)PR TIMES

Chocolat Cake Plate with "Corpse Nest/Central Crossing" Chocolat Cake

yen (tax included)PR TIMES

Fortune Latte (total 9 kinds)

690 yen each (tax
included)PR TIMES

Fortune Lattes will be available, where you can choose your favorite character to print.
Four new characters will be added on Saturday, August 6, 2022!
Also, from August 3 (Wed.) to August 5 (Fri.), 2022, it will be available in a design with the date on it.

Custom soft serve ice cream

base 700 yen
(tax included)PR TIMES

Custom soft serve ice cream with your favorite character, toppings, and red sauce!
Additional toppings can be added for a fee starting at 50 yen per piece.
Also, four more types of character monaka will be added to the soft serve ice cream starting Saturday, August 6, 2022!
Why don't you customize it to your liking and make your own special soft serve ice cream!

Also available at "Hugood! from NAMJATOWN" in Osaka!

Hugood! from NAMJATOWNOfficial Twitter

Some of the original goods and original desserts and foods are also available at " Hugood! from NAMJATOWN" in Umeda, Osaka!
Please check the official website for details on "Hugood! from NAMJATOWN" and the special event page for details on "SIREN in NAMJATOWN".
Let's enter the other world at NAMJATOWN this year!


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