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Kagawa regains the game. "SXG -Sanuki X Game-" will be held on July 10th in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture! Esports tournaments too!

「香川が、ゲームを取り戻す。」香川県高松市でゲームイベント「SXG -Sanuki X Game-」が7月10日開催!eスポーツ大会も!

The " Kagawa Prefecture Ordinance on Internet Game Addiction Prevention and Control" was enacted by the prefectural government on April 1, 2020, with provisions such as "one hour of game time per day," and the three shopping streets in the southern part of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture (Minami Shinmachi, Tokiwa-machi, and Tamachi) are still in court. Guys " has announced that a game event called " Sanuki X Game " will be held from July 10, 2021 in the three southern shopping streets of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture (Minami-Shinmachi, Jobanmachi and Tamachi).

The catchphrase is "Kagawa is taking back the game. "

"Kagawa is taking back the game. "
SXG -Sanuki X Game-

Sanuki X Game" is an event that aims to be a point of exchange between users and creators that transcends generations and demographics.
Various XR (Extended Reality) game events are planned, including an AR game event using smartphones, a talk live event on the theme of "game dependency," and a time attack event set in a shopping arcade. Events are being planned.

A variety of live game-related talks will be held.

海野先生、ゲーム依存症って何ですか?SXG -Sanuki X Game-

Talk Live "The Frontline of the Game Industry! Game Company Roundtable Discussion" will feature Takashi Odachi, relationship coordinator at NAMCO BANDAI Studios, Yohei Yanase, creator and advocate at Unity Technologies Japan, and Naoki Takishita, manager of the Kagawa Studio at GENE Corporation.

In addition, "Winning Eleven 2020" World Tournament Champion Aruto will give a talk live titled "Winning Eleven World Champion Talks about How He Became a 'Continuous Winning Player,'" and there will also be a talk session on game addiction with experts, people with game addiction, and addiction specialist Dr. Umino. Dr. Umino, a medical specialist, gaming industry professionals, and parents/guardians will discuss "Dr. Umino, what is gaming addiction? and other events will be held.

eSports tournament and indie game exhibition will also be held.

SXG -Sanuki X Game-BRIC

In addition to the talk live, there will be a Super Smash Bros. and Call of Duty tournament, an e-sports tournament including a game event at a fishing pond, an exhibition of indie games created by local students and creators, and a hands-on udon-themed game event. A variety of events are being planned.
Please check the Facebook event page and SXG -Sanuki X Game- official website for the schedule and details of the event.


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