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The first large-scale official event "Shadowverse EVOLVE Grand Prix 2022 Yokohama" Tournament Report! Interviews with the winners and runners-up

初の大型公式イベント「Shadowverse EVOLVE Grand Prix 2022 横浜」大会レポート!優勝・準優勝プレイヤーにインタビューも

Cygames and Bushiroad have teamed up to create a real card game adaptation of "Shadowverse" called "Shadowverse EVOLVE ".
Shadowverse EVOLVE" is one of the hottest card games in the world today. While the class system and card designs are based on "Shadowverse", some of the rules have been optimized for a real card game, making it one of the most competitive card games in the world today.
Shadowverse EVOLVE 's first major official event, " Shadowverse EVOLVE Grand Prix 2022 Yokohama" will be held at Pacifico Yokohama on Saturday, July 30, 2022.
We at funglr Games also visited the event!

Evolve GP 2022 Yokohama" has begun!

Alisa welcomes you!
funglr Games

Alisa, the leader of the elf class, greeted us at the entrance of the venue.

PR Card

628 people participated in the Evolve GP 2022 Yokohama, and prizes were awarded according to the results.
The participation prize was a PR card "Summoning of the Family," the playoff prize was a PR card "Transcending Dimensions," and the top 8 prize was a PR card "Lucifer.
The top 4 players will win the right to participate in the "Shadowverse EVOLVE Japan Championship" scheduled to be held in February 2023!
This "Evolve GP2022 Yokohama" will be the tournament to determine the first player to participate in the national championship!

funglr Games

The top 64 players in the seven-round Swiss Draw tournament at Evolve GP2022 Yokohama will advance to the playoffs.
The top 64 players from the seven rounds of Swiss Draw will advance to the playoffs, and the top eight winners from the single-elimination playoffs will advance to the final tournament.

The venue is Pacifico Yokohama Annex Hall.
The opening ceremony and preliminary round start at 11:00 a.m., so the more you win, the more your concentration and endurance will be tested.

The elite who made it to the final tournament
funglr Games

(*We ask players to take off their masks only when taking pictures.

The finalists in the tournament were...

  • tokome
  • Peg^2
  • Chasha Cat
  • Kazamonmi
  • Tsukina
  • Lyxe
  • Neru
  • Sara

8 players (titles omitted)
Among all the players, the most popular player was Rigze(@_rigze), who is also active as a professional player of the app version of Shadowverse.

Class Usage Rates for Evolve GP2022 Yokohama
funglr Games

The usage rates of the decks brought to the tournament by class were also revealed!
While Dragon was the top ranked deck, the other classes were evenly split.
The good balance of classes, which is a major feature of Shadowverse Evolve, is very healthy.

Final Stage

Battle, Shadowverse!
funglr Games

The final stage started with the shouts of "Battle!
The live broadcast of the feature table featured a match between Tokome and Peg^2.

Tokome is a fierce player who won the Rebirth foryou national tournament "WGP2021 Spring" and uses Discard Dragon.
In contrast, Peg^2 plays Ramp Discard Dragon.
This was a popular dragon duel.

PR dragon oracle shines through

Both players started off well, both playing Dragon's Oracle.
However, Peg^2, who was ahead, succeeded in cutting two more Dragon's Oracle and played Fafnir on turn 5.
Tokome also played well to avoid Fafnir and Forte's lethal, but Peg^2 followed up with Ritual of the Dragon Priestess.
The game was decided in only 4 minutes.

The winning peg^2 player
funglr Games

The Final

Kazamonmi and Tsukina
funglr Games

The finalists were Bishop Kazamonmi and Nightmare Tsukina.
The matchup was based on the simple concept of whether Tsukina could attack with aggro or whether the bishop could control the board and gain the upper hand.

Kazamonmi, a player who never lets the initiative go to his head.
funglr Games

Tsukina wanted to attack early on, but Kazamonmi , anticipating this, used Jeanne d'Arc to keep Tsukina from taking control of the board.

Tsukina holding her head
funglr Games

Furthermore, KAZAMONMI's Radiance Angel played the triple role of draw, protection, and recovery with a single card, completely nullifying the momentum of aggro.

Kazamonmi wins

Kazamonmi , who carefully dealt with the aggronite mare Tsukina, won the tournament!

Tsukina (left) and Kazamonmi (right)
funglr Games

(*The mask was removed only when the photo was taken.

The two winners and runners-up were each presented with a commemorative plaque.
Kazamonmi and Tsukina were interviewed after the tournament.

Post-Tournament Interview

- How long have you both been playing card games?

Kazamonmi : I have been playing card games for about 7 years. At first, I just enjoyed building decks, but I started to participate in tournaments because I admired players who were stronger than me.

Tsukina: I have been playing various card games since the first Yu-Gi-Oh! I have also participated in major tournaments and CS.

- What do you find interesting about "Shadowverse Evolve" from your point of view?

Kazamonmi: I can't stop talking about it (laughs), but even a single card's effect can be used in various ways depending on how you look at it, and it's fun to see how your research in advance and the choices you make while playing directly affect the outcome.

Tsukina: I've played a lot of card games, and I think "Shadowverse Evolve" is quite unique in that it is strong even against latecomers. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of daring to choose the latter side in a card game where the players have the image of being ahead of the pack.

- If you were to divide the game into the three elements of "luck," "construction," and "playing," what would be the ratio in "Shadowverse Evolve"?

Kazamonomi: Compared to other card games, there is less of an element of luck, and even if you have bad luck, I think you can compensate for it in different ways. In the current environment, especially with dragons, you may fall behind if you play a strong move, but I think I can take that into account and make up for it by building and playing.

Tsukina: If I had to give a ratio, I would say "luck 3, building 4, and playing 3. The card pool is still small, but when I see winning decks, I know they can win. You can tell that the decks are well-researched, so I think the construction of the deck is very important.

- What are your thoughts on the Shadowverse EVOLVE Japan Championship?

Kazamonmi: I don't want people to expect too much from me (laughs).

Tsukina: I wish I could say "I'm going to win for sure! I wish I could say "I'm going to win!" (lol) I'm going to continue my activities as before and enjoy the National Championship.

- What would you like to say to those who are interested in Shadowverse Evolve after this tournament?

Kazamonmi: First of all, I would like people to buy the cards and take them in their hands. The card may have the text of the effect, but it doesn't tell you how to use the card. I think it is fun to learn how to use the cards as you play against each other, so please pick up a card first!

Tsukina: Playing card games also requires relationships with friends, store tournaments, and other communities. The appeal of card games is that you can build such friendships, so I would be happy if you continue to play for a long time with a good community!

Keep an eye out for future tournaments!

Upcoming Tournaments

The Evolve GP serves as a prelude to the Shadowverse EVOLVE Japan Championship, which is scheduled to be held in February 2023.
The "Evolve GP 2022 Yokohama" is just the beginning of the series, which will continue to be held in other cities in Japan.

Store qualifiers will start in October.

The store qualifiers for the "Shadowverse EVOLVE Japan Championship" are scheduled to begin in October 2022!
For more information, please check the official "Shadowverse EVOLVE" website or the official Twitter account (@shadowverse_ev )!
To become the first "Shadowverse Evolve" champion... Battle, Shadowverse!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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