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Four major campaigns to commemorate the 1st anniversary of "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" are now launched!

「戦国BASARA バトルパーティー」 配信1周年を記念した4大キャンペーンが始動!

Sengoku BASARA is a popular "stylish Sengoku action" game by Capcom.
The first smartphone app in the series, " Sengoku BASARA Battle Party," will mark the first anniversary of its release, and four major campaigns will be held to commemorate the anniversary.
In addition, on June 24 (Wed.) at 20:00, the 7th official live broadcast " Let's Battle Party! will be broadcasted from 20:00 on Wednesday (Wed.).

Let's get excited about the 1st anniversary by participating in 4 gorgeous campaigns!

The four major campaigns commemorating the first anniversary of "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" are as follows

  • Campaign 1: Signature Paper Present Campaign
  • Campaign 2: 1st Anniversary Event! Daily treasure giveaways!
  • Campaign 3: New Warlord "Hisahide Matsunaga" is coming! Special pre-release of the Warlord's voice!
  • Campaign 4: Commemorative illustration release and wallpaper distribution campaign!

The campaign is now underway.
With such a lavish campaign to mark the first anniversary, there is no way not to get in on the action!
Some of the contents of the campaign have also been announced!

Signature Paper Giveaway!

Signature Paper Present!

Kazuya Nakai, who plays the role of Masamune Date, Soichiro Hoshi, who plays Yukimura Sanada, and the other 45 voice actors who voice the generals in "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" will be giving awayautographs to 100 lucky winners who participate and apply for this campaign!
During the campaign period, you can apply multiple times, and if you remember to tweet once a day, your chances of winning will increase as the number of entries increases!
This is a valuable and gorgeous project that fans will not want to miss, so why not take this opportunity to apply?

1st Anniversary Event! Daily Treasure Trove Giveaway!

The first anniversary event will be held from June 25th (Thursday), and will feature a limited secret story "Battle Party! will be held.
The event will also feature various other in-game events, such as the " Reward Triple Festival," in which players will receive " 100 Red Treasure Balls " and " 10 Basara Souls of UR Warlord " every day for 10 days when logging in.

New Warlord "Hisahide Matsunaga" is coming! Warlord's voice to be revealed in advance!

Keiji Fujiwara will be voicing Hisahide Matsunaga, a newly added military commander.
Hisahide Matsunaga's voice will be released on the official Twitter account of "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" depending on the number of RTs of the tweets.
Not only fans of Battle Party, but also fans of Keiji Fujiwara can't miss it!

Commemorative Illustrations & Wallpaper Distribution Campaign!

On June 24 (Wed.), a new illustration commemorating the first anniversary of "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" will be released!
The illustration will be distributed as wallpaper, so look forward to its distribution!

Watch YouTube Live for more information!

The 7th official live broadcast "Let's Battle Party! " will be broadcasted!

In addition, on June 24, 2020, from 20:00, the 7th official live broadcast "Let's Batopa! on YouTube Live from 20:00 on Wednesday, June 24, 2020!
The MC will be voice actress Ayumi Takeishi, who is also active as a YouTuber, and the "Sengoku BASARA Battle Party" director, Michiyuki Yamada, and producer , Tsuyoshi Inaba, will appear on the show!
In addition to the introduction of the game and the latest information, the program will be full of content, including audience participation, rankings, and battle information.
We can't wait to hear what he has to say, but don't forget to subscribe to the channel now to make sure you don't miss anything!
You can watch it on YouTube at " Sengoku BASARA Battle Party Official Channel "!


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