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Natsuki Kato appeared at the "ROG x Evangelion" collaboration product launch event.


ROG, a gaming device brand by ASUS that is very popular around the world, announced a collaboration product with "Neon Genesis Evangelion" on May 20.
In late June, a presentation was held at a certain location in Tokyo, and funglr Games was there!

The top-secret presentation

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ発表会funglr Games

This new product presentation was treated as a "top secret" event, and the words "TOP SECRET" were written on the upper left corner of the slide.

Natsuki Kato makes an appearance!

加藤夏希funglr Games

The guest speaker at the presentation was Natsuki Kato, an actress from Akita Prefecture who is famous for being an Eva geek and gamer.

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ製品と加藤夏希funglr Games

Natsuki Kato checking out the ASUS ROG x Evangelion collaboration products.

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ製品と加藤夏希funglr Games

The gaming headset is the same purple color as Eva's first plane.

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ製品と加藤夏希funglr Games

The inside of the gaming PC also has Eva specifications.

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ製品と加藤夏希funglr Games

As an Eva fan, Natsuki Kato would want to have everything in the lineup, wouldn't she?

ASUS ROG × エヴァンゲリオンコラボ製品と加藤夏希funglr Games

Natsuki Kato smiles as she holds up the novelty bandage bundled with the product.
Although the products are bundled together and not sold separately, Natsuki Kato said, "I want just this one," and assured us that the products could be sold as stand-alone items.

Gaming PC Assembly Challenge!

マザーボードを取り出す加藤夏希さんfunglr Games

As a demonstration of this presentation, Natsuki Kato tried her hand at assembling a PC!

マザーボードを取り出す加藤夏希さんfunglr Games

Gently taking out the motherboard...

CPUを取り出す加藤夏希さんfunglr Games

Natsuki Kato takes out the CPU, her expression serious.

マザーボードに設置funglr Games

Natsuki Kato attaching the CPU to the motherboard.

CPU installed...?

CPUソケットの保護カバーfunglr Games

Natsuki Kato takes the protective cover for the CPU socket.
It's a protective cover, so it's not needed after it's installed...

CPUソケットの保護カバーfunglr Games

N E R V ! N E R V !

マザーボードを掲げる加藤夏希さんfunglr Games

Yes, the CPU was successfully installed!

マザーボードを見つめる加藤夏希さんfunglr Games

Natsuki Kato stares at the motherboard as if it were her own child.
Is this OK?

ASUS 市川彰吾funglr Games

Yes, it's OK! Shogo Ichikawa of ASUS is also pleased.

Pre-orders are now open! On sale July 15!

集合写真funglr Games

That's all for the "ROG x Evangelion" presentation!
The collaboration product between ROG and Evangelion is now available for pre-order. If you are interested, please check out the ROG x Evangelion special site!

加藤夏希funglr Games

Natsuki Kato will be making her gaming PC debut with the collaboration product!
Natsuki Kato's game playing is regularly streamed on YouTube, so you may be able to see a video of her playing on the ROG x Eva gaming PC in the near future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

ROG × The release date of Eva Collab products has been decided! Reservations are being accepted sequentially, so hurry up before it runs out!
ROG × The release date of Eva Collab products has been decided! Reservations are being acc...

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