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"FF7 Remake Intergrade" RTA Session " Red Bull Break The Limit" Local Repo!

「FF7リメイク インターグレード」RTAセッション「Red Bull Break The Limit」現地レポ!

The game features a new additional episode " FF7R EPISODE INTERmission " featuring the popular character " Yuffie ", super fast loading speeds due to optimization to PS5, evolution of graphics, and the addition of a photo mode, etc., etc., etc. quot;FF7 Remake"! Have you already played it?

On June 10, 2021, the same day as the release of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE", the RTA SESSION "Red Bull Break The Limit" was held and broadcast live!
We visited Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo, the venue for the event, and here is a report on the event!

豪華声優陣のメッセージも公開!「FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE」のRTA SESSION「Red Bull Break The Limit」開催&生配信決定!

The event took place at "Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo," a venue that recreates the world of the game.

Red Bull Break The Limit
Red Bull Break The Limit
funglr Games

Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo " is a gaming space that opened in Nakano, Tokyo in February 2018 as Red Bull's first base in Asia, and is also a venue for various gaming events. It is also the venue for various gaming events, and is loved by gamers as a place where they can relax.

Currently, due to the infection situation, it is temporarily closed to the public.

Red Bull Break The Limit
Let's call this place the Furuneo arena!
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The venue is specially designed to recreate the world of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE," giving you the immersive experience of being one of the enthusiastic spectators at the Colosseum of Corneo.

Red Bull Break The Limit
Get some rest on the benches before the game. ......
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Stylish welcome drink!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Original Red Bull-based mocktails
funglr Games

We had an original Red Bull-based mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) served at the bar counter until the distribution starts!
On top of the cocktail glass was a bubble created by a special device!
Combined with the gorgeous appearance, I feel like I could be given about six wings.

Red Bull Break The Limit
It looks fashionable too!
funglr Games

Now it's time to start distributing!

funglr Games

Kosuke Hiraiwa, the live commentator, and Azine, the commentator, appear on the live streaming of "Red Bull Break The Limit"!
The contents of the "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE" RTA (Real Time Attack) mission is here!

  • Attack the Colosseum of Corneo within 25 minutes!

In the middle of the game, in Chapter 9, Cloud and his team will challenge "Corneo Colosseo," an event in which they will fight a total of four rounds against a predetermined enemy. This time, the contestants compete based on their time from the start of the first round to victory in the fourth round (bonus match).
Three of the most talented Red Bull Athlete professional gamers appeared as challengers!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Introducing the three challengers! (From left to right)
funglr Games


Alelu is a member of the streaming division of the pro-gaming group "DETONATOR" and is ranked No. 1 in Japan by Apex Legends.
Profile page (https://www.redbull.com/jp-ja/projects/detonator)


The first Japanese professional Smash Bros. gamer, he is also an official tournament commentator and a partial development collaborator for the Nintendo Switch version of "Smash Bros.
Profile page (https://www.redbull.com/jp-ja/athlete/masaya-amsa-chikamoto-esports )


Gachi-kun is a member of the esports team "Good 8 Squad". He is known as one of the world's top-level Rasheed players.
Profile page (https://www.redbull.com/jp-ja/athlete/tsunehiro-gachikun-kanamori )

Alelu's Challenge!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Top Batter's Nervousness...
funglr Games

Alelu, the top batter, had never played the FF series before and was playing for the first time. However, as expected of a seasoned professional gamer, he played calmly and won the first three rounds in a good time of 9 minutes and 40 seconds. However, he struggled with the many gimmicks of the "Hell House" enemy in the final round. Despite the accident of not being able to grasp the weak points and timing properly, the team cleared the game within the time limit! The time was 22 minutes and 26 seconds.

Red Bull Break The Limit
The time was 22 minutes and 26 seconds.
funglr Games

The challenge of aMSa!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Concentration and quick command operation!
funglr Games

aMSa's skillful play, which was unmatched by any other player, was evident in his ability to switch between Cloud and Aerith characters and launch attacks at a good tempo, as he made his way through the third round at breakneck speed! In the final round, he cleared the stage with his outstanding technique, including counterattacking and attacking the enemy in between invincible modes! The time was 18 minutes and 20 seconds.

Red Bull Break The Limit
A good time was recorded by skillful play!
funglr Games

Gachi-kun's Challenge!

Red Bull Break The Limit
A surprising turn of events in the early stages...!
funglr Games

Gachi-kun's game was a bit of a disaster in the early rounds... Cloud unexpectedly went down in the first and second rounds! He managed to recover and win the third round by making full use of items, but lost time.... In the final round, which was also the focus of attention, Cloud was hit by a special technique and healed an enemy by mistaking the attribute of his magic...he struggled mightily! However, in the latter half of the game, he showed his pro-gaming prowess, and with a precise attack on a weak point, he was able to rewind and finish the game with Cloud's "Wesen Slash"! He finished with a time of 22 minutes and 22 seconds, just ahead of Alelu! It was a very dramatic comeback.

Red Bull Break The Limit
Even Cloud himself was thrilled by his furious pursuit!
funglr Games

Play the newly added episode!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Mr. Hiraiwa having fun with Yuffie!
"Red Bull Break The Limit"-Twitch

After the time attack session, Mr. Hiraiwa actually played the newly added episode " FF7R EPISODE INTERmission" to the "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE" that was just released! What a fun experience!
He was again impressed by the level of detail in the maps where he can control Yuffie and run around, was delighted by Yuffie's nimble and wide-range ninja actions, and took pictures using the newly added photo mode, all while enjoying the ...... experience!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Mr. Hiraiwa gazed at Yuffie on the screen, saying, "She's so cute..."
funglr Games

Message video from the splendid voice actors!

Red Bull Break The Limit
Red Bull Break The Limit
"Red Bull Break The Limit"特設ページ

Another highlight of the broadcast was a message video from the voice cast of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE"!
Messages from Takahiro Sakurai (Cloud), Tomoyuki Morikawa (Sephiroth), Ayumi Ito (Tifa), and Yumi Kakazu (Yuffie ) were shown during the distribution.
In their messages, they talked about their feelings toward the characters they played and how they felt through the recording.
To see the video and comments, please visit the archived stream on Red Bull Japan's official Twitch account!

"Red Bull Break The Limit" archive URL - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1051675952


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

103800「FF7リメイク インターグレード」RTAセッション「Red Bull Break The Limit」現地レポ!
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