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"Apex Legends Best Trio Finals" super gorgeous performer decision of "RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP"!

「RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP」の「Apex Legends ベストトリオ決定戦」超豪華出演者決定!

RAGE, one of the largest e-sports events in Japan, will hold " RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP " on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday, national holiday).
The popular FPS " Apex Legends " and the rhythm & adventure game for smartphones " Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku ", the "Apex Legends" part of the event will feature the " Apex Legends Best Trio Battle ", and the performers have been announced!
The "Apex Legends Best Trio" will take place during the "Apex Legends" portion of the event.

20 teams will battle it out for the "Apex Legends Best Trio"!

RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP
RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP

Apex Legends" is an FPS that is played by teams of three players, so the "Apex Legends Best Trio" will feature a team of three performers.
We know you're probably wondering who will be playing, so here are the names of the teams and their members at a glance! Here are the team names, in alphabetical order!

Teams competing in the "Apex Legends Best Trio Competition
Team Artist
ko-dai (Sonar Pocket)
Hearse (Nightmare)
Masato Yoshihara (BOYS AND MEN)
Team Idols & Cosplayers
Moe Iori
Ayunoka Nishimura
Amezari Hirai and VTuber
American Crayfish Hirai
Meika Utagoromo
Tsukasa Amekai
Team Unique 3
Asuka Kijima
Mokomichi Hayami
AKB48 Team8
Okabe In (Ibaraki Pref.)
Hinako Okuhara (Shimane Pref.)
Ayane Takahashi (Saitama Pref.)
Female Talent who likes FPS
Yuka Kuramochi
Miyu Kojima
Team M.S.S Project
Team LDH
Ryusei Uminuma
Ichima Kawamura
Takechi Kaisei
Team Gaming
Mildom Beast|Fuud
RB Hx|Bon-chan
Team Kiii
Rokumaru's Workshop
Team Geisha
Arapon (ANZEN Manzai)
Daiki Sugiura
Team the Tacchi & Shuta Sueyoshi
Kazuya (The Tacchi)
Takuya (The Tacchis)
Shuta Sueyoshi (Shuta.)
Team 3rd person
steel tower
Team Actress with Yufuna
Mizuki Kuroda
Miki Yanagi
Team streamer
Naushiro Shiro
Naushiro Nau Piro
Aster Reda
Kanade Izuru
Team Manga Artist & Voice Actor
Akasaka Aka
Mayu Sagara
Team Yoshimoto
Toshiyuki Itakura (Impulse)
Yu Shinagawa (Shinagawa Shoji)
Japanese Koike
Team ReALe
Diane Tsuda
Marina Namiki
Kosuke Hiraiwa

I'm amazed that they were able to gather so many members! They are so gorgeous!
All of them are game enthusiasts and very skilled players, so it's sure to be a hot and spectacular game!

The "Apex Legends Best Trio Match" will consist of three matches, and the final ranking will be determined by the total of " Survival Ranking Points " and "Kill Points" for each match.
Each kill point is worth 1 point per kill. The ranking points are

  • 1st +16pt
  • 2nd +12pt
  • 3rd +10pt
  • 4th +8pt
  • 6th-7th +4pt
  • 8-10th +3pt
  • 11-15th +2pt
  • 16-17th +1pt
  • 18-20th 0

The maps used are as follows.
The maps used will be Olympus for ROUND 1 ,Kings Canyon for ROUND 2 , andWorld's Edge for ROUND 3.

The event will be held in a no-show online format and will be broadcast on OPENREC.tv andYouTube from 15:00 on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday, national holiday), so don't miss it!
The three members of the comedy trio " Jungle Pocket " and Mendy Sekiguchi will serve as MCs. Assistant MC is Marina Namiki, who also participates in Team ReALe. Shumpei Terakawa will be the live commentator. NottinTV will be providing commentary for the "Apex Legends" game.

Prediction Campaign for the winning team!

Apex Legends 優勝チーム予想キャンペーン
Apex Legends Winner Prediction Campaign

Along with the announcement of the performers, the " Apex Legends P rediction Campaign for the Winning Team" is now underway!
All you have to do is follow the official RAGE Twitter account (@esports_RAGE) of the participants and post on Twitter with the hashtag " #RAGEPARTY " and " # of the team you predict to win"!
Fifteen winners will be selected by drawing to receive an original RAGE hoodie! Post a comment with your support for the team you predict will win!
For those who don't know the "# of the team you predict to win", the "Apex Legends Prediction Campaign" is now open on the special site, so please check there for more details!
You can participate until 15:00 on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday, national holiday)!

AQUOS & dynabook W Campaign!

AQUOS&dynabook Wキャンペーン
AQUOS & dynabook W Campaign

SHARP and Dynabook are the sponsors of this event, so the " AQUOS & Dynabook W Campaign" is being held to give away gorgeous prizes!
As this is a "W Campaign", there are two chances to win.
First, choose the hashtag of the Dynabook you want from " #dynabookV series " and " #dynabookF series ", and when you quote and retweet the campaign tweet, add the hashtag to your post. The first is a " Wearable Neck Speaker AQUOS Sound Partner " to be won by three lucky winners.

And second, after retweeting the campaign tweet above, take the AQUOS Diagnosis at the AQUOS Diagnosis website, and then use the " Share the Diagnosis Results! button on the diagnostic results and post the results on Twitter, one person will be selected by drawing to win an AQUOS sense4 SIM free.

In addition, there is another chance to win the "W Campaign"!
Thirty winners will be selected by drawing from among those who apply for both campaigns, and will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth 1,000 yen!

The campaign ends at 23:59 on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday, national holiday), so join now!

Project Sekai and special live performances!

RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP" will also feature the "Apex Legends Best Trio" as well as the " Nakajima Legion " of Yuki Nakajima, Enako-san, Daisuke Hirose, Marasi-san, and Ruri, and the "Apex Legends" of Sharp, Chikaku-san, Aika the Spy, and Shaichi-san. Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. feat. Hatsune Miku " exhibition team match, special live performances by Novelbright and Mame-Shiba no Horde, and much more!
It's a holiday, but it's hard to go out, so let's have a fun day at "RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP"!
For more information, please visit the official "RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP" website, or watch the event on OPENREC.tv orYouTube!


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32468「RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP」の「Apex Legends ベストトリオ決定戦」超豪華出演者決定!
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