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Gorgeous performers aim to win! Apex Legends "RAGE× Legion Doujou Cup" held!

豪華出演者が優勝を目指す!Apex Legends「RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup」開催!

CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, and TV Asahi are co-hosting one of Japan's largest e-sports events, "RAGE.
RAGE ASIA 2020 " will be held online for two days on August 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), 2020, and will feature two titles, "Apex Legends" and "KNIVES OUT-Knives Out". The two titles "Apex Legends" and "KNIVES OUT-Knives Out" will be used in the "RAGE ASIA 2020", aiming to become the strongest in Asia.
RAGE ASIA 2020" is only about a month away, and the " RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup " will be held using one of the adopted titles, "Apex Legends"!

「RAGE ASIA 2020」がBEAMSとコラボ!オフィシャルTシャツ発売決定!

Gorgeous performers will be competing!

RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup
RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup
"RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup"特設サイト

RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup " will be a pre-event of "RAGE ASIA 2020" jointly held with the official sponsor " Lenovo Japan ".
Apex Legends " will be played by a variety of entertainment companies, streamers, and other celebrities!
Also, the MCs will be wearing BEAMS-designed "RAGE ASIA 2020 Official T-shirts" at the event, so you can buy your official T-shirts!
Don't miss this exciting pre-event before the main event!
The event will be held on Friday, July 24, 2020! The streaming platforms will be OPENREC.tv, YouTube, and Twitch!

RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup" Overview
Date July 24, 2020 (Friday, national holiday)
Distribution platform OPENREC.tv: https: //www.openrec.tv/live/ovrddwe06rj
YouTube: https: //youtu.be/m6BFzq0iY-A
Twitch: https: //www.twitch.tv/legion_jp
MC Jungle Pocket
Hirohisa Ota
Assistant Arya Tachibana
On-the-spot Kosuke Hiraiwa
Commentary Tompi?
Guest Lejetta
Special Site https://rage-esports.jp/asia2020/legiondoujoucup/
About the Tournament
Match format Trios of three players each
Number of Matches 3 matches in total
Maps to be used Maps provided on ApexLegends will be used.
Match Rules Rank will be determined by the sum of survival rank points + kills points for all 3 matches.
Extra Prizes Lenovo "T550i" for 3 members of the winning team
Participating Teams
Asai Planning Game Club Arapon (ANZEN Manzai)
Yo-chan (Safety & Security)
Maho Hashimoto
Chihiro Yuuki
Team singer Sora
96 cats
Team Grape Company Yuta Maeda (Timondi)
Fujiwara (WARAFUJI Naruo)
Nilbase Saito
Team Game Players Junichi Kato
URARARA, General Manager
Team Shochiku Entertainments American Crayfish Hirai
Yamaguchi Melon
Hinoko Nakatani
Team Stardust Promotion Airi Nagatomo
Ito Chinagimi
Satomi Okubo
team streamer Taiji
Hirotsugu Otsu (Kitsune)
Team G-STAR.PRO & Fudo Yuka Kuramochi
Yuzuno Mizusawa
Team Kiii Mess
Rokumaru's Workshop
Team Legion President David
Team UUUM Kyoichiro
Team Vtuber Shibuya Haru
Shirayuki Raid
Uruha Ichinose
Team Platinum Production Taiga Yamazaki
Rika Yokota
Ami Tsukishiro
Yoshimoto Gaming Backstabbing Munky Kong Nishizawa
Pride Chicken Iwashita
Eric Nicholas
AKB48 Team 8 Okabe In
Erina Oda
Nanase Yoshikawa

Various Campaigns!

Various campaigns will be held to celebrate the "RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup"!

RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup Prediction Campaign!

RAGE × Legion Doujou Cup 優勝予想キャンペーン!
RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup Prediction Campaign!
"RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup"特設サイト

As the name suggests, this is a campaign to predict the winning team of the "R AGE x Legion Doujou Cup"!
Ten winners will be selected by drawing from among those who make a correct prediction and win a " BEAMS Design RAGE ASIA 2020 Official T-shirt " (RAGE ASIA 2020 design black ver.) !
To participate, follow the official RAGE Twitter account (@esports_RAGE) and the official LEGION_JP Twitter account (@LEGION_JP), and tweet with the hashtag " #RAGE_Legion " and the hashtag of the team you think will win! tag and the team you think will win!
The hashtags of the participating teams are as follows!

  • #Asai Kikaku Game Club
  • #Kuro no Wachi
  • #TeamSingers
  • #TeamGrapeCompany
  • #Team Game Players
  • #Team Shochiku Entertainments
  • #Team Stardust Promotion
  • #Team Streamer
  • #TeamHORIPRO.com
  • #Team GSTARPRO Fudo
  • #TeamKiii
  • #TeamLegion
  • #TeamUUUM
  • #TeamVtuber
  • #TeamPlatinum Production
  • #Yoshimoto Gaming
  • #AKB48 Team8

Entries will be accepted until 23:59 on July 23, 2020 (Thursday, national holiday), so be careful not to anticipate too closely and forget to enter!

RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup Viewing Support Campaign!

RAGE × Legion Doujou Cup 視聴応援キャンペーン!
RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup Viewing Support Campaign!
"RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup"特設サイト

In order to get as many people as possible to watch the "RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup," a campaign will be held to support the viewing of the event!
All you have to do is follow the official RAGE Twitter account (@esports_RAGE) and the official LEGION_JP Twitter account (@LEGION_JP) and retweet the tweets!

And the contents of the gift are

  • Legion Headphone Set (headphones/headset case/stand) for 3 winners
  • 3 winners of Legion mouse set (mouse/mouse pad/mouse bungee)
  • 3 winners of Legion hoodie
  • Legion Cap for 3 winners
  • 3 Legion T-shirts in black/white each

And the list is endless!
Entries will be accepted until 23:59 on July 24, 2020 (Friday, national holiday), so retweet now!

Practicing for the tournament!

Teams have been practicing on Apex Legends since Friday, June 19, 2020 for the "RAGE x Legion Doujou Cup"!
You will be able to see how the teams practice and improve before the tournament, which will surely make the tournament even more enjoyable!
Watch the hot battle that marks the beginning of summer with your own eyes!
For more details, please visit the "RAGE×Legion Doujou Cup" special site!


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