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"RAGE ASIA 2020" will be held! The game title is Apex and Wilderness Action!

「RAGE ASIA 2020」開催決定!ゲームタイトルはApexと荒野行動!

CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, and TV Asahi are co-hosting one of the largest e-sports events in Japan, "RAGE".
The recent global situation has made it difficult to hold a large-scale offline event, but the " RAGE ASIA 2020 " will be held in an online format!

The game titles will be Apex and KNIVES OUT!


RAGE ASIA 2020 will be held on Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th in an online, no-attendance format.
This year's international tournament in Asia will feature the battle royale FPS " Apex Legends," which has set a record with over 50 million players in just one month of distribution, and the battle royale TPS & TPS "quot;KNIVES OUT-KNIVES OUT" for smartphones, which boasts 300 million users worldwide. quot; KNIVES OUT-Knives Out- ", which boasts 300 million users worldwide!
Both titles have a very large playing population and are highly ranked, so it is sure to be a hot competition.

The tournament will be broadcast on OPENREC.tv and YouTube, and you will also be able to watch the matches using the updated version of the " V-RAGE " virtual space, which was released in beta in March.
V-RAGE will also have a "group viewing function" that will allow users to enter a dedicated group room and voice chat with their friends, making the games even more exciting to watch!

Declaration of support for e-sports! ~The Road to RAGE ASIA" will be broadcast!

eスポーツ応援宣言!~RAGE ASIAへの道~
eSports Support Declaration! ~The Road to RAGE ASIA

TV Asahi will broadcast a special support program " e-Sports Support Declaration! ~The special navigator will be a video game distributor himself, and he will also be the special navigator for "RAGE ASIA 2020".
The special navigator of the program will be Ryota Yamasato from Nankai Candies, who himself has been playing "KNIVES OUT-Knives Out" as " Yamasato's Cart " on the game distribution site Mirrativ, and will provide basic information about the tournament, introduce the Japanese representative players and overseas players who will be Japan's rivals. He will introduce basic information about the tournament, Japan's representative players, Japan's rivals from overseas, and the excitement of the e-sports scene every week!
The first broadcast will be on June 7, 2020 (Sunday) from 16:25 to 16:30 ( *except in some areas), and will continue to be broadcast every Sunday thereafter at the same time.
After the broadcast, the program will also be available for viewing on Teleasa Video, ABEMA, TVer, and GYAO!

Additional information will be announced as it becomes available!

Additional information about RAGE ASIA 2020 and how to enter will be announced as it becomes available.
Those who wish to participate should hone their Apex and KNIVES OUT skills by the time the entry period opens, and aim to become one of Asia's top players!
For more details and additional information, please check the official RAGE website andRAGE official Twitter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

32468「RAGE ASIA 2020」開催決定!ゲームタイトルはApexと荒野行動!
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