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"Puyo Puyo × eSports Festival in JOYPOLIS" is now open! The official tournament will be held on July 17th! For details, please watch "Puyo Puyo On Air (Tentative)" broadcast at 20:00 on July 5th!

「ぷよぷよ×eスポーツ フェス in JOYPOLIS」が開催中!7月17日にはぷよぷよチャンピオンシップSEASON5 STAGE2 決勝トーナメントが開催!

PuyoPuyo x eSports Fest in JOYPOLIS" will be held at Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor theme park in Daiba, Tokyo, from Monday, July 4, 2022!
In addition, the second "PuyoPuyo On Air (tentative)" will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at 8 p.m.!

A professional tournament will also be held! Puyopuyo theme park will open!

ぷよぷよ×eスポーツ フェス in JOYPOLIS
Puyopuyo x eSports Fest in

PuyoPuyo x eSports Fest in JOYPOLIS" will be held as a limited time event from July 4 (Mon.) to July 18 (Mon.), 2022.
This event will feature a collaboration between popular Tokyo Joypolis content and the "Puyo Puyo" series, including attractions and food and beverage menus!

Collaboration Attractions

At " Half Pipe Tokyo," the "Puyopuyo" related music "Koko kara Motto! Puyo Puyo! and "Pandemonium", songs related to "Puyo Puyo", at "Half Pipe Tokyo"!
In " Fortune Forest," a mystical rune fortune-telling attraction, the fortune-telling result sheets will be designed exclusively for the event!

Collaboration ticket

Attraction Single Ticket/Passport
  • Single Attraction Ticket (Entrance + Single Attraction Ticket + Pass Case)
    Price: Adults (18 years and older) 2,700 yen / Elementary, Junior high and high school students 2,400 yen
  • Passport (admission + unlimited rides for 1 day + passcase)
    Fee: Adults (18 and older) 5,200 yen / Elementary, junior high and high school students 4,200 yen

The number of passcases (novelties) is limited and will end as soon as they are gone.
If you want one for sure, please come to Joypolis as soon as possible!

Collaboration Menu

2nd Floor "D Lounge

Original sticker

At the "D Lounge," a menu with an original sticker will be available!
One sticker (total 10 kinds) will be randomly given away with each order of the collaboration menu!

Puyopuyo Drink/Carbuncle Mini Parfait StickerPR
  • Includes Akapuyo drink sticker 600 yen
    (Karpis, Strawberry Syrup, Strawberry Jelly)
  • Green Puyo drink with sticker 600 yen
    (Carpis, melon syrup, melon jelly)
  • Carbuncle Mini Parfait with sticker 600 yen
    (Mango ice cream, apple berry, corn flakes)

3rd Floor "Frame café

Original postcard

At "Frame café", you will receive an original postcard with your menu order !
Original stickers/postcards are limited and their availability will be announced on the official Tokyo Joypolis Twitter!

ぷよぷよカレーセット ドリンク付き
Puyopuyo Curry Set with Drink
  • Puyopuyo Curry Set with drink 1,900 yen
    Curry and Rice (Rice, Curry, Salad, and Midday Meal)
    Drinks (lemon slice, lemon soda, colorful jelly)

Stamp Rally

Puyopuyo e-sports cheering fan

Fill in all the stamp rally forms at the 1st Floor Information Counter and each stamp stand, and you will receive a " Puyopuyo eSports Cheering Uchiwa" at the Information Counter!
Take it with you to support the Puyopuyo eSports Tournament!

Sega's official tournament will be held on the main stage!

決勝トーナメントPR TIMES

On Sunday, July 17, 2022, " PuyoPuyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE 2 Final Tournament" will be held on the Main Stage at Tokyo Joypolis from 15:00!
Come and watch the pros battle it out live!
In addition, there will be side events such as an autograph session with professional players and a Puyopuyo match-up session with the pros.
Numbered tickets are required to watch the tournament and get autographs, so be sure to head to the venue early!
For more details, please visit the Puyopuyo eSports special page.

Contestant Pu
yopuyo eSports Special Page

The 2nd "Puyopuyo On Air (tentative)" will be broadcast on July 5 at 8:00 p.m.!

ぷよぷよオンエア(仮)PR TIMES.

The second broadcast of " PuyoPuyo On Air ( tentative)," an official information program to provide information on the "PuyoPuyo" series, will be aired live from 20:00 on July 5, 2022 (Tue.)!
The MC will be Tajima, who plays the role of "Atari" in "Puyo Puyo! Quest" and Seiichi Morita who plays "Shezo" in the "PuyoPuyo" series will be the guests, and they will talk about the "PuyoPuyo x eSports Fest in JOYPOLIS", the official Sega tournament to be held on July 17 (Sun.), the winner of SEASON5 STAGE1, and PuyoPuyo! delta, the winner of SEASON5 STAGE1, and momoken, a well-known Puyopuyo eSports commentator, will be invited to introduce the highlights of the tournament!

The show will also feature the results of the 9th Anniversary Popularity Poll and many other Puyopuyo related information!
The show will be broadcast live on YouTube and Nico Nico Live! Enjoy!


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34738「ぷよぷよ×eスポーツ フェス in JOYPOLIS」が開催中!7月17日にはぷよぷよチャンピオンシップSEASON5 STAGE2 決勝トーナメントが開催!
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Sega official professional tournament "Puyo Puyo Championship SEASON5 STAGE1" winner is "delta" player belonging to "Shinobu isgaming"!
Sega official professional tournament "Puyo Puyo Championship SEASON5 STAGE1" wi...

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