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Get items by achieving "Don Win"! RED ーTOKYO TOWER [PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS] Event held!

「ドン勝」達成でアイテムゲット!RED゜TOKYO TOWERで【PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS】イベント開催!

Tokyo eSports Gate Corporation, a Tokyo Tower-based company that develops esports/entertainment expansion business, will open Japan's largest scale esports park " RED° TOKYO TOWER " on April 20, 2022 (Wed), for a limited time from April 23 to May 22, 2022 (Sat) . PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" for Steam, and win an in-game item code if you achieve a "Don Win" within the 45-minute time limit: BATTLEGROUNDS] DONKATSU SOLO CHALLENGE " will be held.

Get in-game items by achieving "DONKATSU"! PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS] Special Collaboration!


The largest esports park in Japan, RED° TOKYO TOWER, opened on April 20, 2022 (Wednesday), and will host the " PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS] DONKATSU SOLO CHALLENGE" will be held for a limited period of time! From April 23 (Sat) to May 22 (Sun), 2022 The "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" event will be held for a limited time only!
RED°TOKYO TOWER" is planning to set up a shooting attraction in the "ATTRACTION ZONE" on the 4th floor, which is scheduled to open in June 2022, where visitors can enjoy the world of "PUBG MOBILE". This event will be a collaboration event held prior to the opening.

Event Summary
Event Name PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS] Don Katsu Solo Challenge
3,4,5F in Tokyo Tower Foot Town, 4-2-8 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Event venue 5th floor : RED˚ARENA supported by NETGEAR
Period April 23 (Sat) to May 22 (Sun), 2022
Opening Hours 12:00 ~ 14:30, 15:00 ~ 17:30, 18:00 ~ 20:30
*The event will not be held during the time when private events are held.
*The event hours are subject to change (any changes will be announced on the official RED° TOKYO TOWER Twitter page).



"RED° TOKYO TOWER" is the largest scale esports park in Japan, which opened on April 20 (Wed.) and is based in Tokyo Tower.
RED° ARENA supported by NETGEAR", where "[PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS] Don Katsu Solo Challenge" will be held, is equipped with 32 of the latest gaming PCs, and will be used for full-scale competitions using large LED and moving lights. The "RED° ARENA supported by NETGEAR" is equipped with 32 state-of-the-art gaming PCs and is a multi-arena that can be used for hybrid purposes such as full-scale competitions with large LEDs and moving lights, and seminar events.

Rules Overview

Play "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" for PC and achieve a "Don Win" within the 45-minute time limit to clear the challenge.
The maps are "Erangel", "Miramar", "Taego", and "Sanhok", and the viewpoint can be either TPP or FPP. The game can be played from either TPP or FPP viewpoints.
The game modes are Normal Match and Ranked Match Solo or Solo Squad.
Anyone who has a Steam account and has completed the "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" tutorial can participate in the event, so take this opportunity to try your hand at "DONKATSU"!


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